Diet? This is Elon Musk’s secret to lose weight; as well as its pros and cons

The life of Elon Musk may be considered “an enigma” by some. The richest man in the world once confessed that his work schedule was up to 120 hours per week and now he explains how he keeps fit.

The businesswoman Eva McMillan, related to Tesla, asked this Saturday, October 1, to elon musk what was his secret to look impressive, he even questioned if he lifted weights.

“Hears, Elon Musk, What’s your secret? You look stunning, fit and healthy. Lifting weights? Eating healthy?” asked Eva McMillan on Twitter.

Musk replied that all he did was practice fastingto which Eva McMillan replied that it was a “good” activity, and that she also practices it.

The businesswoman’s publication praised the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, saying that the color black suited him and that it was a source of admiration in the electric car company.

And if Elon Musk does, how good is fasting for the body?

Before you try to follow Elon Musk’s footsteps and adopt fasting as a technique to keep fit, you should know that the United States National Institute of Health (NIH) warns that this method brings health risks.

The agency says that people who fast for 16 to 18 hours have been shown to “have an increased risk of gallstones. Also, they are more likely to need surgery to remove the gallbladder.”

On the other hand, health authorities argue that a 12 hour fast It can have benefits, although if you want to lose weight, this method may not work, since it does not apply in all cases.

But the silver lining to this is that studies by the NIH show that the fast In addition to weight loss, it can support better blood circulation and even prevent the development of chronic diseases such as diabetes.

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Diet? This is Elon Musk’s secret to lose weight; as well as its pros and cons