Did you know that Bill Gates kept his investment in ARCA Monterrey?

NUEVO LEÓN.- Of all the companies in which Bill Gates is a shareholder, Coca-Cola Femsais where it has more participation, due to its robustness and capacity for constant growth, according to InsiderMonkeyhighlights that of the earnings of each year, the beverage company offers around 4.86% in dividends.

In the list of companies in which you have invested CascadeInvestment of Bill Gates, highlights Mexican Economic Development SAB de CVknown as FEMSA.

In 2007, the shares of FEMSA, the largest bottler and brewer in Latin America, rose on the Mexican stock market for the second day in a row, after investment firm Cascade bought a passive stake in the company.

The actions of FEMSA they gained 4.18% on the stock market, at 41.10 pesos, while their ADRs rose 1.60% in New York to 48.21 dollars per share. FEMSA shares gained around 7.5% in both markets.

In 2010, the co-founder of microsoft he had 24.6 percent of the outstanding shares of KOF, so his interest in the issuer grew.

In March 2011, the American businessman, Bill Gates bought shares of Coca-Cola Femsa through the foundation Bill & Melinda Gates and Cascade Investment

In a document sent to the Securities and Exchange Commission (United States Securities and Exchange Commission) it was announced that the Bill & Melinda Gates Y CascadeInvestment they bought 81 million 40 thousand ten shares of the bottler.

Said amount represents 29.9 percent of the outstanding titles of Coca-Cola Femsa (KOF).

Outstanding shares represent 14.7 percent of the company’s capital stock, for which the weight of Bill Gates in the Monterrey company it is 4.39 percent.

They transfer shares of Coca-Cola Femsa to Melinda French

By May 2021, CascadeInvestmentthe holding company created by Bill Gatestransferred shares, for a value of more than $120 million dollars, of Coca-Cola Femsa to Melinda French Gates, sBased on Bloomberg calculations based on filings.

The greatest asset of Bill Gates is Cascade Investmentwhich he created with profits from stock sales and dividends from microsoft.

Cascade oversees a broad portfolio that includes real estate, energy and hospitality, as well as holdings in dozens of publicly traded companies.

Cascade Investment Company, what does Bill Gates use it for?

It is an American company Holding and Investment Companyheadquartered in Kirkland, Washington, United States.

It is controlled by Billa Gates and managed by Michael Larson.

It is a company that helps invest in other companies to improve business economic growth and expand in other places.

Who Bill Gates?

Bill Gates either William Henry gates III, his official name, is an American businessman and computer scientist, born in Seattle in 1955.

Founded software company microsoft along with Paul Allen.

He developed the MS-DOS operating system in 1981, which later became Windows 3.1 in 1992.

His fortune comes from the 1.3% of shares he still owns from microsoft.

According to data from Bloomberg, gates has received more than $56 billion in stock and dividends from microsoft and other companies.

Currently, it has a large technological conglomerate that also includes social networks (LinkedIn) or video games (Xbox).

gates is in position number 3 of the list of the richest people in the world with 129 billion dollars, according to Forbes.

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Did you know that Bill Gates kept his investment in ARCA Monterrey?