“Dear Mark…”: The day Volkswagen sent a letter to Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg knows what it’s like to drive one of Volkswagen’s historic sports cars for the North American market. He slides and knows the color fact that involves the brand and the founder of Facebook.

Since it is a model that is valid in the United States, one of the North Americans who knows what the Volkswagen Golf GTI is neither more nor less than mark zuckerberg. The CEO of Meta and founder of Facebook acquired it in 2014. That black body with a TSI engine and manual transmission made it, in the words of Volkswagen Mexico, a #VWLover. We take no responsibility for the exaggeration.

Eight generations is not for everyone. The Volkswagen Golf GTI MK8 appeared on the market in 2020. With an EA888 evo4 2.0 TSI front engine, the eighth generation boasts a maximum power of 241 horsepower.although it rises with its sportiest and most powerful version: the GTI Clubsport of almost 300 hp that Volkswagen presented after the launch of the access version to the range.

At the time of its appearance, the Golf GTI did so with a 110-horsepower 1.6-liter injection engine. The GTI was a compact benchmark that remained on the market, for example, in Mexico for more than 40 years. Fans can continue to find it in the United States through the 2022 model, distinguished as Best New Car by Autotrader, an online buying and selling company.

Volkswagen Golf GTI 2022. Source: Volkswagen.

A particularity regarding its origin. The GTI is the sports version of the Golf and his birth was clandestine. Taking the model to the field of sportsmanship did not start from an official order from Volkswagen, although among those few employees who began to develop it in 1974 as a secret plan was Anton Konrad, press officer of the firm in those years. Then if. The directors knew him and in 1975 he was presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Volkswagen’s letter to Mark Zuckerberg

Volkswagen’s gift to Mark Zuckerberg with a courtesy letter.

Dear Mark, We hear you are driving a Volkswagen GTI…

About that purchase of Mark Zuckerberg, a color fact. It turns out that the Golf GTI arrived with a belated gift from the German brand. As soon as the automaker got word that Zuckerberg was driving one of its Golfs, it immediately handed him a sweater emblazoned with the GTI logo and a special message.

The accompanying letter read as follows: “Dear Mark, We hear you are driving a Volkswagen GTI. We like your style and we hope you like our GTI sweater too. Best regards. Your Volkswagen friends.”

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“Dear Mark…”: The day Volkswagen sent a letter to Zuckerberg