Control which apps have access permissions to your Instagram account

Rare is the person who today does not have any social network, being both Instagram as Meta (formerly known as Facebook) the most popular. Over the years, Instagram has been gaining ground, it began as just an app in which to publish photos so that your friends and followers could see them, and today there are few things that you cannot do with the social network.

Although the older of thes Instagram changes It happened when it passed into the hands of Mark Zuckerberg, who has been adding new functions and tools that have only made the application grow more and more every day.

Millions of people spend a good part of their time browsing Instagram, and you can not only post photos, but also videos, Stories with a duration of 24 hours, use filters on both photos and videos, and even write messages to other users to have conversations.

How to control application permissions on Instagram

And is that Instagram has also become a new means of communication between complete strangers. You can even get closer to your favorite celebrity, if you are lucky that he reads your message and responds clearly.

But just like Instagram has been growing and changing, so too third-party apps have been appearing that can give you some help on Instagram, like some that tell you who has stopped following you.

Sure this is something you are aware of, but sometimes, it can happen that you give some permission to an app without knowing it, since it is nothing new that nobody reads the permissions of the applications. Well, if you want to make sure which are those apps that have access permission to your Instagram, we will show you how you can see it.

Being in your profile, you must enter the Settings option, and from here go to Security. Once you are in this menu, you will have to click on Applications and websites, where three options will appear: Active, Expired and Deleted.

Here you will be able to see which are the applications that currently have permissions on your Instagram and which have had it previously because you have linked them. If there are any active ones that you no longer want to have permission, you can easily revoke access.

As you may have seen, the process to find out which apps have access permissions on Instagram is very simple. So feel free to use this trick.

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Control which apps have access permissions to your Instagram account