Change in WhatsApp: you can see the photo of the contact when receiving messages

WhatsApp It has more than two billion users worldwide, which makes it the most widely used instant messaging application.

Frequently, updates are made to meet consumer needs and this is what happened now.

The new changes are related to lA profile photo that can be viewed without the need to open a chat.

As reported by the specialized site WaBetaInfo, the new function is related to the appearance of notifications when a new message is received.

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Until now, the preview offered to observe the sender and part of the chat subject, but what is now incorporated as a novelty is lThe possibility of viewing the profile photo of the contact upon arrival of the alert.

This change will be applied to both individual and group chats, where the thumbnail image will appear on the left side of the screen.

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As it is a test phase, at the moment it is only Available for beta version on iOS 15.

“WhatsApp may experience some problems when adding profile photos to specific notifications: since this is a beta function, we should expect new updates that will improve the function soon,” they warned from the portal specialized in the app.

As with other tools that are under development, errors can arise that are solved as they are known, with this they prevent it from happening again when it has a massive arrival.

It is estimated that the function will soon be available to other operating systems, such as Android.

In this way, the messaging application of Mark Zuckerberg joins this function that is already available in other applications such as Messenger, chat Facebook, that at the moment in which a message is received, the profile photo of the user’s social network appears.

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This novelty is not the only one that WhatsApp has planned to apply in 2022, but the shortcuts so that the user has a better experience is the objective of those responsible for the app.

Under this premise, it was announced that the new release will be the possibility of transcribing audio messages, given the possibility of being a voice note that cannot be played for various reasons.

On the other hand, stickers are once again a focus of importance since the great popularity they have acquired in recent times and the frequent uses that they are given in conversations are taken into account.

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But, to create your own, it is necessary to have an additional app, so the function incorporated directly into WhatsApp is in a creation phase.


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Change in WhatsApp: you can see the photo of the contact when receiving messages