Celebrities in Real Estate: Jeff Bezos, Maluma, Angelina Jolie and Marco Antonio Regil, among others

In times of uncertainty and high volatility, it is common to mention that the sector of real estate They can be one of the best options to protect assets before other investment vehicles with greater risk, a premise adopted by some celebrities such as Jeff Bezos, Maluma, Brad Pitt and recently Marco Antonio Regil.

This makes sense for many people, since properties, for example, housing, are always constant in the supply and demand of today’s world, so acquiring them can mean that the invested value is not only protected, but also increases with Over time.

According to the real estate firm Tinsa, investments in the buy of real estate They are long-term, so the real estate sector is one of the best options to obtain good returns without much risk, due to the dynamism in the demand for the sale and rental of housing.

According to the firm, within the characteristics of invest in real estate they find each other:

  • Capital gain: It is the increase in value over time, influenced by perspectives of urban growth, security, accessibility, competitiveness of the area and demand. For example, in the third quarter of 2022, the average price of homes registered an increase of 8.4% compared to the same period in 2021.
  • Investment: A property can generate constant income, if it is rented.
  • Demand: In Mexico, some property have been in greater demand than others, for example, the average secondary market housing or industrial buildings have been the most in demand, compared to offices or commercial spaces.
  • heritage building: Being a good built with bricks, it is a tangible good that will remain over time, so it is a good start to start building heritage.

In this context, the famous despite having, many of them, with great fortunes, have sought to protect and in some cases, maximize their investment in properties.

For example, in 2008 the then actor couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt bought the famous castle Château Miraval, located in Francewhere they invested around 67 million dollars.

Maluma, partner of Jeff Bezos

Along with the advancement of technology, the real estate it has also had to transform and in this evolution, new players have arrived who promise to eliminate the inefficiencies of the traditional market.

These players known as proptech (real estate technology), have attracted the attention of different personalitieswho have opted for them to influence the market more quickly real estate.

For example, during 2021 the proptech The Colombian company La Haus, with operations in Mexico and dedicated to the purchase of new housing, closed a fundraising for 135 million dollars, between debt and capital, where the Bezzos Expeditions fund, of Jeff Bezos, who is founder of Amazon; David Velez, founder of nubank; Simón Borrero, co-founder of rappi and the singer Maluma.

“Maproluma, like us, believes that there is a lot to achieve to transform Latin America starting with Medellín (Colombia) and as the purpose of the house is to enable, through technology and data, the best housing development, filling that housing gap is necessary and we managed to converge that vision,” Rodrigo Sánchez-Ríos, founder of the proptech Colombian.

100 Mexicans…

The most recent addition of a celebrity to the ecosystem of real estate occurred a few days ago, when the proptech colombian TuHabidedicated to the purchase and sale of used housing in Colombia and Mexico, announced that the presenter of television programs Marco Antonio Regil was joining the firm as a shareholder.

“I am excited to join a company that seeks to make such an important decision easier for any family. Within my career I have proposed to bring my audiences not only entertainment, but also valuable information that can change their lives, and that is what we want to achieve together with tuhabi. I appreciate this opportunity to be a spokesperson,” said Regil, who in addition to being a shareholder will be a spokesperson for the firm.

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Celebrities in Real Estate: Jeff Bezos, Maluma, Angelina Jolie and Marco Antonio Regil, among others