Blue Origin will launch a space mission manned only by women

The marriage commitment was recently made official between Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez, a popular American journalist and newscaster. Now, Sánchez will also become the first person to lead a space Exploration Mission, managed by blue origin and made up exclusively of a team of women.

Lauren Sanchez revealed in an interview with The Wall Street Journal that she would have liked to fly previous Blue Origin missions, but now she is thrilled to lead the first female crew of a space mission. The journalist and pilot will be in charge of recruit five other womenwho will fly to early 2024.

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Blue Origin and the presenter have been seen together on various occasions since 2019. However, formalized their commitment matrimonial last May 22.

Photography: Blue Origin

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Lauren Sánchez, the woman who will lead the Blue Origin mission

Lauren Sanchez is a journalist and newscaster American, award winner Emmy. Her Instagram profile also identifies her as the founder of Black Ops Aviaton, a helicopter aerial filming service. Regarding this undertaking, Sánchez also has experience as aircraft driver.

According to The Wall Street Journal interview, his interest in aviation has increased since he learned to fly helicopters. And even his ‘hobby’ served to conquer Jeff Bezos, whom he took on helicopter rides at various points in California.

The journalist mentions that she is particularly excited about lead the first female mission into space.

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The astronauts who will go to space

Until now, Lauren Sanchez She has not given further details about the women who will accompany her on her mission. However, she has confirmed that she is will be an exclusively female crewin which others will go four astronauts.

Sánchez did not confirm the identity of any of the people who will accompany her, but he did provide the intentions of the mission:

It will be women who will make a difference in the world and have an impact and a message to send

Sanchez told WSJ.

In addition, the journalist added that will not allow Jeff Bezos himself to ride on this explorationsince he wants it to be an entirely feminine mission.

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Blue Origin will also go to the Moon

blue origin, Bezos’ company, will also maintain another historic mission. On May 19, the NASA announced that this company will be in charge of developing a lunar landing system for the Artemis V mission, which will explore the Moon. It is a moon landing of the millennium, which will send a woman and a black person for the first time.

The company will have to design a lunar landing module to access the lunar surface. This will take place in 2029 and means a $3.4 billion fixed price contract. To achieve the mission, the companies Lockheed Martin, Draper, Boeing, Atrobotic and Honeybee Robotics will also participate.

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Blue Origin will launch a space mission manned only by women