Block Owned by Jack Dorsey Wants to Build an Open Bitcoin Mining System

Jack Dorsey. (foto: zoomnoticias)

Block, the company of Jack Dorsey formerly known as Square, which specializes in mobile payments, has confirmed that it is launching a new open mining system Bitcoin.

Dorsey, who stepped down as CEO in Twitter a few months ago, he is fully involved in Old Square, which is still looking for other ways to invigorate the market for cryptocurrencies.

How the open source Bitcon mining system would work

It is not clear what the new mining system will include Bitcoin “open source” as Block is currently only designing the project, which is in the early stages of development. Although, in October, the Twitter’s former CEO has insisted that the company is going down that path.

Block’s current hardware chief has offered some hints as to the line the company wants to go into Bitcoin mining. According to the manager, Thomas Templeton, they want to establish a “distributed and efficient” system throughout the mining chain. From hardware development to startups, to “beyond Bitcoin”:

“We want mining to be more distributed and efficient in every way, from purchasing to installation to maintenance to mining. “We are interested because mining goes far beyond creating new Bitcoin. We see it as a long-term necessity for a fully decentralized, permissionless future.” says Templeton.

Block wants to carry out the basis of cryptocurrency mining and Bitcoin in the future

The final recommendation is that anyone can cleanly and efficiently mine Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from home. Therefore, the goal of the Block team is to design a system that solves the most important problems in the mining process.

These include simplifying access to mining equipment, minimizing energy consumption and extending equipment life, as well as minimizing the noise they produce.

A great company for a technology which, even when used with dedicated hardware, is still less efficient in terms of consumption, although it increases the capacity of the system, but it also sparks consumption, such as large Bitcoin mining farms with desktop graphics.

Either way, this sounds like an interesting project for anyone in the Bitcoin world, so what Block does next could mean a before and after for mining.

As long as the company can, yes, break down the barriers that have been erected and possibly the biggest problems in today’s mining systems.

Bitcoin. (photo: Given Ruvic)
Bitcoin. (photo: Given Ruvic)

Twitter will start hiding blocked and muted accounts from the Explore tab

The social network Twitter has been working for some months so that its users have control over what they want to see, in addition to safe and truthful information, an example of this is the changes it has made regarding false or polarized information, which now comes with a warning and a link to the ‘Birdwatch’ page to see the comments that have been made regarding the authenticity of a given information.

In this sense, the company also seeks protect people from content they have blocked, as well as the words that have been muted in the feed, and, from now on, posts from such muted accounts will not appear in the ‘Explore’ tab.

On the web and in the applications of iOS Y Android, people would no longer have to see content from users they have muted or blocked, this will apply to the explore tab and the ‘What’s Happening’ sidebar. Similarly, they will not appear in the emails of the platform nor in notifications based on publications.

The new function has several uses, first of all, provide more control of what the user wants and does not want to see, Similarly, people will be able to block or restrict certain keywords to avoid spoilers or advances of programs, films The games.


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Block Owned by Jack Dorsey Wants to Build an Open Bitcoin Mining System