Billionaire Jeff Bezos explains how not to waste your life

There is only one thing that can save you from wasting your life and Jeff Bezos knows exactly what it is

Someday you will die. It is not speculation. It is not a probability. It is an unavoidable certainty. It is possible that future human beings will discover the immortality formula and live eternally, accumulating and accumulating experiences without any hurry. But you do not. And it is normal that, if you think about it carefully, it causes you discomfort. It is one of the condemnations of your species: to be so aware of the expiration of your life. Take the time you need to think about it and take it to heart. And once you do, focus on the only thing that really matters: don’t waste that finite time you have among the vivxs.

Take a chance before you regret it

But how to turn that universal desire into a concrete reality for you? According to Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon and second richest person on the planet, the key lies in taking risks. This was recently told in an interview for Business Insider: “I think that when you start thinking about things that you regret when you reach 80, almost all the things are those that you have not done: the omissions. Very rarely will you regret something that you tried, but that did not end working. But with the omissions everything changes”. Your failures and your mistakes will not weigh you down. It will be everything you didn’t dare to do.

Is it a very Disney? Completely. It be absolutely right in the world? Most likely. Dare to change careers when you have been in one for three years. Write to esx ex that you left but that you have not been able to forget. Or leave your job to spend a season living the hermit experience in a cabin, where you can record that album that you have been wanting to record for a long time or where you can write that novel that you have put off for so many years. It’s scary. Of course it’s scary. But it’s the only life you have and it flies by. Better to screw it up doing things than to spend eighty years watching them come. Deep down you feel it.

attitude is everything

To be faithful to this attitude, adds Bezos in that same interview, it is necessary to surround yourself well. “When you have people who love you and support you, as happened to me with my parents or my grandparents, you end up taking risks because you know that, whatever happens, someone will help you up if you fall“. The individual impetus, the strength and the courage that is in you, are fundamental to not wasting your life, but do not fool yourself: it is not a task that you can carry out without quality people by your side. And not only because they function as a safety net that invites you to take risks, but also because they themselves add value to your world.

In addition, the American tycoon points out other complementary ingredients that will mean that, when your life comes to an end, you will not feel that you have wasted it. Like ingenuity: being able to face problems from creativity and not with a sad mechanical attitude. Or like empathy. How do you pick up from Business Insider, Bezos’ concrete proposal is to “focus on helping others”. It is legitimate to think of yourself and take risks to fulfill your dreams, but do not forget the rest. Your human nature makes caring for others give a certain value to your life. It won’t be a waste if you reached out to someone.

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Billionaire Jeff Bezos explains how not to waste your life