Bill Gates’s company seeks to innovate in the Argentine countryside together with CREA: what does the agreement consist of | Agrofy News


Microsoft and CREA forged an alliance to empower the Argentine countryside. Companies seek to promote the incorporation of disruptive digital technologies. For this, they proposed a program of Digital Native Companies, training, among other benefits.

“The cases of BIT and Cono Group, two agtechs that provide services based on sustainability, the incorporation of new technologies (such as artificial intelligence and predictive analysis), and the improvement of production processes”, highlighted from CREA.

At the same time, they stressed that the objective is to create opportunities, improve competitiveness and favor the development of the field. The program aims to promote this development through the application of innovation technologies to fencourage the growth of these companies, of the communities of which they are part and of the country.

“The field generates millions of data that technology can make intelligent to improve any type of production process and, in this way, add greater efficiency to the value chain, exports and the domestic market. Also, the knowledge industry and the agricultural-livestock industry they can capture a unique opportunity for the sustainable and inclusive development of the country. For this reason, through this agreement, we make our entire environment available, so that entrepreneurs from all over the country can count on Microsoft advice and technology to develop their businesses, ”said Fernando López Iervasi, General Manager of Microsoft Argentina.

For his part, Cristian Feldkamp, ​​CREA’s Executive Director, commented: “We have to prepare for this continuous and increasingly demanding learning, linked to the demands of society, regarding the health of the ecosystem. Looking ahead is important to generate synergy among innovators, technologies and agriculture, to respond to this demand from consumers who demand increasingly sustainable processes ”.

Producers and new technologies

  • 88% of agricultural producers are curious or enthusiastic about the term artificial intelligence.
  • 80% agree to some degree that the incorporation of robotics will radically change agricultural production (34% fully agree and 46% partially agree).

Producer self-perception regarding technology

  • 54% stated that they “observe and learn from early adopters”;
  • 18% declared “to be one of the first to adopt technologies”;
  • While 17% of producers said that they adopt technological solutions only when “they are already very proven”.
  • Likewise, 8% are involved in the development of this type of solution.

Adoption of new technologies in the production process:

  • 44% of the producers declared to do so “to solve current problems”;
  • 32% are interested in trying and evaluating different alternatives;
  • 19% do so with the aim of “capturing new opportunities”.

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