Bill Gates was arrested in 1977 for driving without a license: your computer is full of his photos

Big companies have always liked to let little winks on your products. Whether for an advertising claim or simply for the fun of its workers, these details often contribute to improving the image of the brand and making it more attractive to the public.

This is the case of Microsoft, the second largest technology company in the world, which, although it is true that it does not need to resort to this type of viral advertising, its products are full of winks from both its founder, Bill Gateslike the thousands of developers who have worked at the technology giant in its more than 40 years of history.

One of the nicest details, in fact, is found in one of the interfaces of the company’s operating system, windows. There you can see a silhouette that, although it might seem generic, actually belongs to Gates himself in his youth, but in a situation that is not very common among billionaires.

The famous mug shot of Bill Gates


It turns out that the well-known photo was taken in 1977, when the American, born in Seattle, was 22 years old. As he himself explained in an interview, he was arrested for driving without a license in the state of New Mexico, and the image actually corresponds to the police photograph taken at the police station.

Years later, making fun of his own past, the visionary entrepreneur wanted to incorporate said photograph into his operating system, and ‘hid’ in full view of all with the sole objective that over the years someone would notice.

How to find the photos?

But where can you find the famous photo? The first time this silhouette could be seen was during the development of Windows 8 in late 2011 and early 2012 between complications 8161-8176. The image that appears by default when logging into Windows is a highly detailed silhouette in which the young Gates can be perfectly appreciated.

How Windows turned the photo into a silhouette


Windows interface where you can see the silhouette of Bill Gates


Later, during the development of Outlook 2010, the Social Connector functionality was integrated, which allowed contacting your entire contact list with a simple click, and the famous silhouette that can be seen in the image above also appeared on this interface.

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Bill Gates was arrested in 1977 for driving without a license: your computer is full of his photos