Bill Gates warns that the world has not yet seen “the worst” of Covid-19: “We are at risk”

The billionaire Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft Corporationwarned this week that there is a possibility that human beings have not yet gone through “the worst” of the Covid-19 pandemic and warned that there is still a risk of new and more dangerous strains.

“We are still at risk of this pandemic generating a variant that would be even more transmissive and even more fatal.”Gates was quoted as saying by the newspaper Financial Times.

“I don’t want to be a voice of pessimism, but it’s well above 5 percent the risk that we haven’t even seen the worst.”of this pandemic said the technology tycoon and philanthropist.

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Gates advised the world’s governments to invest in epidemiologists and computer modelers to help identify global health threats. He also opined that more spending is needed to improve preparedness for threats to public health.

This is not the first time Gates has made such a prediction.since in December 2021 he warned his millions of followers in Twitter to prepare for the worst of the pandemic, having previously warned in 2015 that the world was not prepared for the next pandemic.

His new warning came days after the director general of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, alert that people still need to be careful with the coronavirusand that declines in overall testing and surveillance in many countries have left the world at risk of a new pandemic wave.

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Gates, who soon he will present his book “How to prevent the nextHe also denounced the WHO’s current funding model, saying it “doesn’t take pandemics seriously”.

“Less than 10 full-time people” were working on outbreak preparedness at WHO and “even those people are distracted with many other activities,” he charged.

Since March 2020, the Covid has killed an estimated 6.2 million people worldwide.


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Bill Gates warns that the world has not yet seen “the worst” of Covid-19: “We are at risk”