Bill Gates’ warning about the energy crisis: “It is necessary…”

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The computer tycoon seems to have a clear solution

Expect the situation to improve substantially in the future

The energy crisis is killing Europe. The war in the Ukraine has done nothing more than certify the fact that the russian gas dependency has made Europe a rather complex hostage in its confrontation with its former energy supplier. In this way, Bill Gates has spoken in an interview with CNBC about how could this issue be tackled.

First of all, he considers that we must focus on developing countries and try to promote the renewable energy sources that they can find in their countries. Thus, they will give an opportunity for development to these countries while one of the world’s greatest fears is solved: the energy problem.

Furthermore, he believes that finance the industry so that it can adapt to this situation. What many European countries are experiencing is not easy, in which more than possible energy rationing is beginning to be considered, even putting the existence of possible power cuts on the table.

Meanwhile, the war between Ukraine and Russia seems to be escalating more and more, so Europe definitely needs an alternative. However, Gates explained that the transfer to a new energy model could take more than three decades.

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Bill Gates’ warning about the energy crisis: “It is necessary…”