Bill Gates warned that there is “only one solution” to defeat the next pandemic

considers that the world is not making the necessary efforts to face a new pandemic. The magnate revealed what he considers to be “the only possible solution” to a situation similar to that experienced in the last year and a half as a result of the .

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I’m a little worried that attention to preparing for a pandemic is less than what I would have expected ”, he assured in an interview with The Wall Street Journal the co-founder of Microsoft, who became a reference on the subject.

The philanthropist considered that it is necessary to achieve the capacity to develop a vaccine in 100 days and then make it reach every corner of the planet in the same period. “The only real solution to this problem is to have factories that can produce enough for everyone in 100 days.. And that is feasible ”, he synthesized.

The billionaire’s sayings are related to , which analyzes humanity’s progress towards the United Nations (UN) sustainable development goals and which was published earlier this week through its Foundation Bill and Melinda Gates.

In this edition of the document, Gates also evaluated the impact of the pandemic of covid-19 and access to vaccines against coronavirus. In conclusion, he warned that there was a decline in overall childhood vaccination rates, while the gap between rich and poor countries widened.

The report concludes that “countries that have strong government investment in health infrastructure are much better able to proactively track and, in many cases, contain the spread of covid-19″. Because, For the magnate, long-term investments in health systems are key, since “they are the basis for the emergency response to diseases.”

With the premise that the tools to end the pandemic are the same as those used to combat other diseases – that is, trials, developments and immunization – Gates called: “It is clearer than ever that we need more governments, multilateral organizations and foundations to make forward-looking investments, knowing that returns could take many years to arrive. We must work with others to help talented researchers around the world identify new tools and technologies that could be building blocks to solving a multitude of challenges. And we must strengthen collaboration between countries and sectors to work together towards common goals ”.


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