Bill Gates wants to end the hegemony of ChatGPT and for this he will use a gigantic amount of money

A startup has received a gigantic funding injection to power and refine its AI model.

Gates has bet, along with other billionaires, on an unknown AI company to counter ChatGPT

Bill Gates is known for being the founder of Microsoft, which has always allowed him to have a great media speaker. Thanks to him, he tries to extend his philanthropic work and social and ecological awareness by issuing apocalyptic predictions and giving statements that leave no one indifferent. One of the best examples was where he explained the jobs that will disappear because of AIs, since there was quite a stir over this issue for weeks.

This time it is not a prediction that has left us glued to the sofa, but a very powerful investment that the tycoon has issued together with other heavyweights of technology to promote a, until now, unknown artificial intelligence company.

This is the gigantic amount of money he has invested along with other tech moguls

Until now it was a relatively small company, but “Inflection” has attracted the eyes of the big investors on the planet for its original way of presenting the conversational model that AI is today. Among these investors is Bill Gates, but also the founder of LinkedIn, Reid Hofmann and a former CEO of Google: Eric Schmidt. This way we find that, together with NVIDIA, they have managed to raise 1.525 million dollars for the unknown brand of AI according to Inflection itself

They haven’t done it with a lost fund, since they really think that in Inflection they can find a real economic gold mine that can destroy what is known up to now. This includes the Possibility to unseat OpenAI’s ChatGPT as the most successful conversational model in the world. Therefore, the point of view of the brand is quite ambitious.

What is “Inflection”

When we talk about this company, we are really looking at a flagrant case of a startup that achieves a skyrocketing rise for his good ideas. On this occasion, the objective of it is create an empathetic and assertive AI that serves as a true personal assistant. To do this, we can access this intelligence through different means, including our own WhatsApp or by sending a direct message to the AI ​​via instagram.

Consequently, his approach is quite interesting and for the moment they are the kings of hardware since they have managed to establish a cyclopean amount supercomputers that allow to fulfill with his mission. In this, NVIDIA has been very important, since they are building side by side the largest cluster of GPUs in history. Neither more nor less than 22,000 NVIDIA H1000 Tensors will be deployed so that this artificial intelligence is capable of deploying all the potential expected of it.

Because of this, Inflection will have an incredible amount of processing power and therefore it will be quite effective when answering our questions.

In summary:

  • Bill Gates and other tech moguls see this AI as the future of technology.
  • From “Inflection” they want to achieve hardware supremacy.
  • Their goal is to create an empathic AI that can help us as a personal assistant.

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Bill Gates wants to end the hegemony of ChatGPT and for this he will use a gigantic amount of money