Bill Gates, “very happy” to visit China on his first trip to the country after the pandemic

Beijing, June 15 Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Bill Gates arrived in Beijing on Wednesday, after which he declared on his Weibo social network account “to be very happy” to “visit his partners” in the Asian country, to which he had not traveled since 2019. before the covid-19 pandemic broke out.

The businessman indicated on Weibo that “in order to face problems such as climate change, health inequalities and food security, we need innovation” and assured that in areas such as “the development of new drugs against malaria to the investment in solutions resistant to climate change”, the Asian giant “has a lot of experience.

Gates’ visit comes after other prominent businessmen such as Apple CEO Tim Cook and Tesla CEO Elon Musk have visited China in recent weeks and met with senior Chinese officials.

According to the official Global Times newspaper, executives from Western countries “visit China in search of cooperation” despite the fact that “the United States and some of its allies continue to adopt a hostile approach to contain the Chinese rise.”

The Microsoft co-founder’s trip precedes the one that the United States Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, will make to China starting Sunday, a visit confirmed this Wednesday by Washington and Beijing.

Blinken and his Chinese counterpart, Qin Gang, held a telephone conversation on Wednesday in which they exchanged reproaches amid the growing bilateral tensions between the two countries.

According to the statements sent by the departments of both, Blinken asked Qin to “keep the lines of communication open” to avoid a conflict -according to Washington-, while his Chinese counterpart -according to Beijing- urged the US to stop interfering in China’s internal affairs. EFE


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Bill Gates, “very happy” to visit China on his first trip to the country after the pandemic