Bill Gates tricks to sleep better than you can also follow

If we can be sure of one thing, it is that when Bill Gates he is interested in something, he will read everything that exists about it to have all the necessary information and work on it. Can already be technological innovations, pandemics, work, brain function or even sleep.

Gates is human and has had his sleep problems too so like anyone would read books that could help you rest better and that’s how he found Why we sleep, from the director of the UC Berkeley Center for Human Sleep Sciences Matthew Walker.

The former CEO of Microsoft put the expert’s advice into practice, and as he himself said in his blog the book put him to sleep. But what are those recommendations that seem to work so well that even Bill Gates shares them?

Some may be a bit more difficult to follow, but others you can start them now and start to notice results from tonight.

To get started, don’t drink alcohol or limit its consumption because it turns out that it is one of the “Great suppressants of REM sleep phase.” So if you thought that by having a drink you were going to sleep better because it made you sleepy … You may fall asleep faster perhaps, but the quality of rest will be worse.

If you like to read before bed, keep it up. But try not to stay up too late reading. What is the best time to go to bed? Well a new studyor has related go to sleep between 10 and 11 at night with better health, so you may want to meet that limit.

Another tip that Bill Gates mentioned was, how could it be otherwise, the NAP. However, the recommendation is that do not take place later than 3 in the afternoon and of course it should not be too long.

And if you have the opportunity to change the lights in your room, choose ones that no sean LED, as Walker explains in his book that they emit the blue light that prevents a good night’s sleep (one of the reasons why all experts advise against using mobile devices before going to bed).

Likewise, the temperature plays an important role in the quality of sleep. If the bedroom can be between the 18 and 21 degrees, you will have the perfect environment to sleep like a baby. It’s worth trying, isn’t it?

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Bill Gates tricks to sleep better than you can also follow