Bill Gates threw strip parties at his house; this is his past full of excesses


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Although many may think that Bill Gates was always a nerd stuck in front of the computer, the founder of Microsoft hides a past full of excesses where organized nudist parties with a lot of alcohol on the 80’s and 90’s era.

was the diary Daily Mail who spread several passages from the biographical book Overdrive: Bill Gates and the race to control cyberspace, which was published in 1997 and where he details the wild life of the businessman.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, James Wallace who wrote two biographies of Bill Gates said that the businessman made nudist parties, often with strippers, and excesses of alcohol.

“A lot of those guys at Microsoft were young guys working on software code in pizza-stained T-shirts. Then they would have some pretty wild parties, where they would go find strippers in Seattle and take them to Bill’s house. He wasn’t a choirboy back then, he wasn’t just a computer bookworm,” Wallace says.

Gates’ Wild Past

James said that the media did not report on the “wild bachelor parties that Gates gave” because I wanted to have a good relationship with him. According to the biographer, Gates “went through the nightclubs and hired dancers to go to his house to swim naked with his friends in the pool.”

In addition, Gates loved attending the private parties that were thrown after major trade conferences at computer expos like Comdex and Demo, where the Microsoft co-founder was often the keynote speaker.

“Gates’ fame as a womanizer was known to everyone, including his wife for several decades. This caused them to distance themselves for a year, although they eventually got back together. She was aware of how much of a womanizer she was and consequently, their relationship had sharp ups and downs, apparently because he did not want a commitment, ”explained the biographer.

Vern Raburn, a former Microsoft executive and friend of Gates, confirmed what Wallace said. To the same British medium he said that his friend “he liked to party” and that he was unfaithful to Melinda during their first years as a boyfriend, but he left that behind when they got married.

bill’s response

In a statement, a spokesperson for Gates said it is extremely disappointing that so many lies have been published about the cause, circumstances and timing of the divorce.

“The rumors and speculation surrounding my client are becoming increasingly absurd and it is unfortunate that people who have little or no knowledge are being characterized as sources,” he said.

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Bill Gates threw strip parties at his house; this is his past full of excesses