Bill Gates talks about the dark side of artificial intelligence and issues a harsh sentence: “It will be a bumpy transition”

Artificial intelligence continues to be a topic of conversation in the world thanks to the advances and challenges that this technology means both for humanity and for the future of the planet.

Professions at risk of disappearing, trades that will pass from humans to machines and computers and even the possibility that this new development will devastate humanity, These are just some doubts that have arisen after learning about the different tools that are already being used in the world.

In this regard, Bill Gates, one of the promoters of this technology, has used Gates Notes, his personal blog, to constantly leave some reflections on the use and future of artificial intelligence; there, he has consigned, in several installments, what is his vision of this new phenomenon that never ceases to amaze humanity.

Bill Gates’s concern about the effects of artificial intelligence is based on the authenticity of the risks present. | Photo: Getty Images for TIME

According to the co-founder of Microsoft, artificial intelligence “the risks are real, but I am optimistic and I believe that they can be managed”, this in reference to the numerous questions that have fallen on the use that can be given to this advance in the technology industry.

The first thing Gates points out is the direct impact that sectors such as education and democracy will have; In the first case, the also philanthropist assures that in the past something similar to today was experienced with the arrival of the calculator and computers in the classroom. In this sense, Gates points out that it was necessary to find formulas and design systems that would prevent fraud and cheating among students.

Regarding the use of artificial intelligence in electoral matters, one of the greatest fears of governments and leaders seeking regulations in this regard, The Microsoft co-founder assured that if the fear is that false information and lies will be spread that manipulate people’s intention to vote, this has already been done for a long time through other tools.

Bill Gates shows his genuine concern for the effects of artificial intelligence, emphasizing the presence of real risks.

Bill Gates’ concern about the effects of artificial intelligence reinforces the existence of real risks in this area. | Photo: Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

“It became much easier with the advent of word processors, email, and social media,” Gates says, pointing out that before artificial intelligence there was already fake news that includes audio, voice and even video in which the alleged protagonists appear promoting an idea and gives as an example the clip in which the current president of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelensky, is seen accepting that he uses cocaine, something that is totally false.

As for the positive uses of this technology, Gates says that as new ways to defraud netizens are woven, artificial intelligence can lead to helping users of email and other platforms where cybercriminals are present to identify these threats and prevent theft.

Regarding the possibility of losing their jobs, Gates has pointed out that although artificial intelligence will be able to perform some tasks, the productivity of society could increase and people could dedicate their time to other tasks such as teaching, caring for the elderly, among others.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates believes that the transition in the workplace promoted by artificial intelligence will be bumpy. Justin Tallis//Pool via REUTERS/File Photo | Photo: REUTERS

“I don’t think the impact of AI will be as dramatic as the Industrial Revolution, but it will certainly be as big as the introduction of the PC. Word processing applications didn’t end office work, but they changed it forever. Employers and employees had to adapt, and they did. The change caused by AI will be a bumpy transition, but there are many reasons to think we can reduce the disruption of people’s lives and livelihoods,” Gates said in his notes.

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Bill Gates talks about the dark side of artificial intelligence and issues a harsh sentence: “It will be a bumpy transition”