Bill Gates talks about an upcoming threat that would put the world ‘in check’

A few years ago, Bill Gates, creator of the technology firm Microsoft, had already made predictions about the biological dangers that humanity would have to face. At that time, he predicted the appearance of a pandemic.

Bill Gates proposes a global watchdog group for the prevention of future pandemics and biological terrorists.

In 2020, the world was plunged into a health emergency that has claimed just over 5 million victims.

More than a year after the declaration of the covid-19 As a pandemic, the virus is much more widely known and medical and scientific authorities have found ways to counteract the most lethal effects of the contagion – including the creation ‘in record time’ of vaccines against it. coronavirus-.

Well, now the tycoon has announced that an upcoming threat could endanger the existence of the human race. He has called on the governments of the world to invest billions in security against possible biological attacks perpetrated by terrorists.

To do this, he called for the creation of a working group on pandemic control led by the WHO, which, according to specialized media, would have a value close to 1,000 million dollars.

“What if a bioterrorist carried smallpox to 10 airports? Do you know how the world would respond to that? There are naturally caused epidemics and epidemics caused by bioterrorism that could even be much worse than what we experience today “, announced the tycoon in conversation with ‘Policy Exchange’.

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Gates highlighted the progress in the development of biologicals against viruses, however, he warned about bioterrorism

The fourth richest man in the world stressed the joint work that countries known as powers for the prevention of massive diseases must have. Gates indicated that a cooperative work in the matter could promote scientific findings for the eradication of diseases.

“The good news is that a lot of the research and development we need to do to prepare for the next pandemic is things like making vaccines cheap, having big factories, eradicating the flu, getting rid of the common cold, making vaccines just a little patch … things that will be incredibly beneficial even in the years when we do not have pandemics ”, expressed to the aforementioned media.

At the time, Bill Gates put a pandemic reality ‘on the table’ of the world conversation that, for many, seemed taken from fiction.

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It is worth saying that technological advances have made the treatment of viruses and pathologies easier. It can also become a ‘double-edged sword’ if the terrorism come to pass to the biological or microscopic plane.

The magnate ended by saying that the ‘bioterrorism’ and the control of new pandemics will be a topic that you will be promoting during your talks with world leaders and at conferences around the world as a matter of utmost importance for the security of humanity.

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Bill Gates talks about an upcoming threat that would put the world ‘in check’