Bill Gates reveals what was one of the biggest mistakes of his life and wants the rest of us to avoid it

This mistake was pretty bad, but luckily he learned his lesson and doesn’t want anyone else to make it.

Bill Gates has made many mistakes in his life according to him, this is one of them

Bill Gates is known for making constant predictions about technology, in which he explains how he sees the future of it and of humanity. He also got a lot of credit after successfully guess that COVID-19 would arrive and in what year it would disappear. Something that he revealed when there were still many years to go before he arrived. Now what he talks about the most is about the potential of AI. But in a curriculum full of successes, it is also interesting that he himself talk about your failures and mistakes. Thus, taking advantage of having been invited to a graduation, he has revealed what is one of the biggest mistakes you have made in your life and what did he realize too late.

Bill Gates’ mistake

Bill Gates is a guest constantly to college graduations. He usually attends some of them and launches messages that you consider valuable for recent graduates. On his blog, GatesNotes has collected the speech he gave to the graduates of Northern Arizona University and he has explained what are the points that he regrets in his personal life. He wanted to advise these students with a message with things that he would have liked to be advised.

One of the things he regrets the most It has been from not knowing how to stop working on time. Gates was a true fan of work, so he did not know how to stop, investing many hours of his working life and his free time in constantly working. For this reason, he wanted to send a very important message so that graduates don’t make the same mistakesomething he learned too late.

“When I was your age, I didn’t believe in vacations. I didn’t even believe in weekends. I kicked everyone around me to work long hours. In the early days of Microsoft, my office faced the parking lot, and I controlled who left early and who stayed late.But when I got older and especially became a father, I realized that there is more to life than work

This made Bill Gates a person who he mortgaged his whole life for work. It is true that it made him quite successful at work, but this kind of life brings lossesso he wanted to be quite clear with the young people who are going to graduate today to make it clear that it is not the way.

Bill Gates reveals what was one of the biggest mistakes of his life and wants the rest of us to avoid it

Bill Gates explained everything in a graduation speech that he has subsequently collected on his blog | Image: GatesNotes

“Don’t wait as long as I did to learn this lesson. Take time to nurture your relationships, to celebrate your wins and recover from your losses. Rest when you need it. Take it easy with the people around you when they need it too.”

Gates’s message wanted to be clear and accurate so that no one repeat their mistake. After all, the technology guru has been someone very successful, but perhaps it would not have been necessary to mortgage his entire social life in order to achieve it and for this reason he regrets not having been close to him. important people throughout his life. Although he assures that his attitude changed when he became a father.

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Bill Gates reveals what was one of the biggest mistakes of his life and wants the rest of us to avoid it