Bill Gates reveals what his new mobile is like to increase his concentration to the fullest

There is no doubt that the CEO of Microsoft, Bill Gatesdoes not bet on Apple, the leading firm in the sale of iPhone mobiles, but neither on its own brand, that is, it uses one of the smartphones you don’t use your software. It was last Wednesday, January 11, when the American magnate revealed what type of electronic device he uses in his day to day. It was during a question and answer session. “Ask Me Anything” (AMA)on the Reddit platform, when the tycoon surprised and responded to the users present that he was the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 who makes your life easier.

Bill Gates uses a mobile that is a competition from Microsoft

To the surprise of many, it outperforms even its main competitor, the new iPhone 14 Pro. premium and durable 5G smartphone, with a particularity. It is foldable, so it has two huge screens to watch series, work and play video games. 6.2 inches to be exact. In addition, it is thinner and more manageable than its predecessors to date. However, this was not the only surprise. And it is that the most surprising thing for the vast majority of listeners is that Gates confirmed that he was using a phone that was in direct competition with Microsoft’s own foldable, that is, the Surface Duo 2.

However, it should be noted that Samsung foldables are the most advanced on the technological market. In fact, Bill Gates admits it without further ado. “I have a Samsung (Galaxy Z) Fold 4 that was given to me by JY Lee, the president of Samsung, when I saw it in South Korea to update my Fold 3. Of course, I use Outlook and many Microsoft programs on it. The size of the screen makes me not use a tablet, but only the phone and my laptop “he explained in the chat.

There is no doubt that combining all the services they need on the same device helps them to increase your concentration, since they work in a similar way to a computer, but with the advantage that they fit in a pocket. And it is that, taking advantage of time has been one of the maxims throughout the life of the philanthropist and businessman now devoted to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Now, if your maxim is also to be productive and efficientwithout wasting a single second of your precious time, unlike the billionaire who got his mobile as a gift, and who has an estimated net worth of more than one hundred million dollars, you will have to shell out more than 1,700 euros.

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Bill Gates reveals what his new mobile is like to increase his concentration to the fullest