Bill Gates reflected on some decisions he regrets

The fact of being one of the five richest people in the world does not exempt Bill Gates from feeling regret for some decisions he has made in his past, but it does give him the opportunity to tell his experiences to the world. In fact, the creator of Microsoft is a believer that sharing your mistakes can help others understand how to do things better than you.

Perhaps despite being the head of one of the world’s biggest tech companies, there are little things I wish I had done differently from the start. Here are the three decisions that Bill Gates regrets.

trust technology

Use technology to help others. Together with his ex-wife, Melinda French, they have a foundation where they can donate to people in need around the planet. However, the millionaire nowe questions why he didn’t start donating his knowledge or skills for technology research much earlier to help others.

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Through his blog Gates Notes he shared that: “Lately I have thought a lot about how technology could help poor people improve their lives”, and explained that he regrets not having embarked on that path of philanthropy before because he did not believe that advances scientists could have the impact that it is now evident that they have.

not study other languages

In addition to this fact, he regrets that he did not learn other languages ​​while he was young. In a conference for Reddit he explained that, seeing how effective Mark Zuckerberg had been in learning Mandarin, he was he regretted not having spent more time perfecting languages ​​like French, Chinese, and Arabic.

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stay up late reading

Gates with his favorite books of 2021.

Despite being a figure of almost unattainable wealth for many, one of the habits that he wants to amend is staying up late reading. Although reading is a desirable habit, It should never be underestimated that a good night’s sleep is necessary for health and well-being.

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“I’m still working on changing this,” Gates confessed about staying up too late reading his blog.

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Bill Gates reflected on some decisions he regrets