Bill Gates predicts what work meetings will look like in the future

Bill Gates he wrote this week on his personal blog, GatesNotes, a prediction about the future of companies. The tech mogul believes that in three years all business meetings will take place in metaverses. In his publication, he comments that 2021 has been a year that has greatly promoted innovation in the world of technology and the use of new platforms will revolutionize the way we interact within work.

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“… I wanted to sit down and write about four things that are the most important thing going forward to 2022: the latest progress to end the COVID-19 pandemic, why declining trust in institutions could be our biggest obstacle , what the climate conversation can teach us about how to progress and how the rapid digitization caused by the pandemic will shape our future ”, Gates wrote.

According to Gates, 2021 has been a preview of what our lives will be like in a few years. In recent months we have seen technological advances that, had it not been for the pandemic, might have taken another decade to arrive. The way companies measure productivity and employee presence has taken a 180-degree turn since remote work began.

“The first and perhaps the most significant is office work. The pandemic has revolutionized the way companies think about productivity and presence in the workplace. The boundaries between work areas that were once discreet (brainstorming, team meetings, casual conversations in the hallway) are breaking down, ”explained the businessman.

All of these changes are just the beginning, Gates says. In the coming years, meetings will move from 2D videoconferencing to meetings in digital universes where you can create an avatar that interacts with others.

“To do this, you will need something like virtual reality glasses and motion capture gloves to accurately capture your expressions, body language and the quality of your voice. Most people don’t have these tools yet, which will slow adoption a bit, ”he said on his blog.

This digitization will affect other areas as well. Teachers and students will have to learn to use these technologies because the school structure will change. The medical field will still be affected by development, especially the field of psychology.

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Bill Gates predicts what work meetings will look like in the future