Bill Gates predicts that artificial intelligence will sweep the two largest internet empires

Artificial intelligence has been among the main interests of Bill Gates. In recent weeks, the Microsoft co-founder has indicated that he hopes that the new golden age of AI will mean a before and after for the world, just as it happened, at the time, with the ‘smartphone’, the computer or the internet. . The changes it will bring about even have the potential to completely change the hierarchy of the network. And, in his opinion, there are two companies that have everything to lose.

During a recent appearance on the occasion of the event AI Forward 2023, held in San Francisco and organized by the firm Goldman Sachs, Gates pointed out that the great challenge for all technology companies in Silicon Valley, today, involves the development of an artificial intelligence system that absorbs practically all Internet traffic . A machine that, according to him, will make search engines, like Google, and digital stores, like Amazon, obsolete.

“You will never have to go back to a web browser or to Amazon,” predicted the tycoon, who for years has been especially focused on his philanthropic work, in statements collected by Reuters.

Indeed, the big technology companies are fully involved in the development of artificial intelligence systems that improve the user experience. Microsoft, for example, added smart chat to its Bing search engine months ago. Meanwhile, Google responded a few days ago by presenting a new version of its engine in which a machine, thanks to AI, will directly respond to some of the Internet users’ queries using the data it collects from the network. This will not need to consult any website to get the information.

Amazon, meanwhile, is working on developing a new AI system similar to ChatGPT that will ultimately help the user find the products that can best meet their needs.

Although both Amazon and Google may be affected by the arrival of AI, as long as users do not bet on the systems of the two large technology companies that are adding to their systems, experts consulted by ABC have drawn attention to the danger that they can represent AI-based models for traditional online content creators.

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Bill Gates predicts that artificial intelligence will sweep the two largest internet empires