Bill Gates’ predictions for 2023: from future pandemics to climate change

As it is already tradition, Bill Gatesthe founder of Microsoft, has published his predictions for the year 2023 and although many are encouraging, the tycoon warns about some issues that must be taken into account. And it is worth remembering that most of his predictions of past years have come true.

gates begins His writing highlighting that the war in Ukraine “is inflicting terrible suffering on Eastern Europe and raising the food and energy prices Worldwide”. This triggers rich countries to cut foreign aid, »partly because they need to spend more on the military, electricity subsidies and support for refugees displaced by war«. However, »the inflation it is increasing and economic growth is slowing down“warns the founder of Microsoft.

In addition, Gates notes that “climate change is causing more frequent extreme weather events.” Likewise, in the political field, the tycoon warns about polarization, especially in the United States. “The only other period in my life that felt so turbulent was the 1960s,” he concludes in his introduction.

upcoming pandemics

Regarding the pandemic, Gates focuses on the vaccines against covid-19 They provide full immunity. And it is that, as he remembers, the vaccines that are used at the moment “only reduce the chances of getting sick or dying”, but not that the person becomes infected.

For this reason, the tycoon asks for “still more funding«. »These are hard scientific puzzles to solve, and every moment matters in this race against microbes,« he insists.

As to polioGates points out that Covid-19, extreme weather and war have made it much more difficult for vaccines to reach the population, which slows their eradication.

In fact, he points out, between 2019 and 2021, coverage of all childhood vaccines, including polio, fell by the largest margin in nearly three decades. Still, the cases increased. In 2021, the disease paralyzed only 6 children worldwide and in 2022 30 children were paralyzed.

Even so, due to scientific advances and the increasing commitment to scientific research, Gates believes that “the world is a little more prepared for the next pandemic”.

Climate change

As for the health of our planet, the billionaire warns that “if we don’t reach net zero emissions, our grandchildren will grow up in a world that is dramatically worse off.”

But the challenge is not easy. According to his forecasts, “getting to zero will be the hardest thing humans have ever done. We need to revolutionize the entire physical economy: how we do things, move around, produce electricity, grow food, and keep ourselves warm and cool, in less than three decades,” he warns.

To achieve this goal, Gates is directly targeting markets and governments to provide incentives to create new zero-carbon technologies. “Unfortunately, in short-term goals, we are running short. Between 2021 and 2022, global emissions actually increased from 51 billion tons to 52 billion tons.

good predictions

In his analysis there is also room for good forecasts. On climate change, he highlights that “we are much further along than I would have predicted a few years ago in getting companies to invest in zero-carbon advances.”

And when it comes to health issues, Gates is optimistic about new approaches that should help with the hiv cure and new Artificial Intelligence technologies that can help save the lives of mothers and babies.

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Bill Gates’ predictions for 2023: from future pandemics to climate change