Bill Gates’ prediction about the job of the future could make you rich if true

This profession is going to have a lot of work in the coming years according to Bill Gates.

Bill Gates is a true expert when it comes to issuing predictions

Bill Gates is an absolute visionary. At the time he predicted that a pandemic would soon arrive and finally his omens were true. He has recently predicted that Google and Amazon could disappear due to AI and the people on the street have also been threatened by his predictions since the professions that are going to disappear due to AI have been glimpsed. In this way, it is difficult to understand what is going to happen in the future and Bill Gates has raised on some occasions what could be the successful professions in the future.

The work of the future according to Bill Gates

As Bill Gates himself has announced in his own Blog a few months ago, the era of AI has begun, so practically everything will revolve around this. For this reason, any profession related to AI It will offer a lot of work in the coming years. Today Gates stands out for his philanthropic actions, but one of the biggest points where has invested his money is in the AImaking practically a all in in the artificial intelligence market. That is why it is not surprising that the visionary behind Microsoft decided to make everything AI related your workhorse.

Therefore, Gates thinks that to make money and find a profession with a very good projection for the future It is absolutely necessary to train in AI to work on something related to them. So far it makes sense since companies they don’t stop hiring AI experts.

On the other hand, Gates says his dream job today could revolve around artificial intelligence, energy, or maybe biology. Today, some careers such as biology are more complex and involve more risks when entering the labor market, but the truth is that Gates considers that the three issues are perfectly related and that Biology can be approached from the point of view that can produce returns to Artificial Intelligence.

In short, for Gates any work related to artificial intelligence may be marking the future. Therefore, it is essential to embark in that direction.

The thing for him does not stop exclusively there. According to the creator of Microsoft, artificial intelligence is a true milestone in the history of humanity. For him, it is on a level with other great moments in history such as the creation of the Internet or the personal computer. Is he next step in technology and its revolution can be as big as that of the smart mobile phone or even higher.

In short:

  • The best job you can choose is the one that is related to AI development, as it will be much needed in the future.
  • Investments in AI are being stratospheric indeed.
  • AI is an unstoppable revolution whose milestones can be compared to the latest technological revolutions.

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Bill Gates’ prediction about the job of the future could make you rich if true