Bill Gates pays millions in taxes for the mansion he stayed after his divorce

The place Mind Life TV published images of the mansion where he went to live after his divorce from Melinda Gates, who, according to what was said, “it was designed to the taste of the tech tycoon from the first to the last brick”.

The home is estimated to be worth almost $150 millionso he pays taxes for about 1 million dollars a year. Just over $83,000 a month. A bicoca for such a tycoon, who knew how to be the first fortune in the world.


The colossal mansion is located in Medina, Washington D.C., and as revealed, offers amenities of all kinds. The curious thing is that it bears the name of Xanadu 2.0a reference to the house of Charles Foster Kane in the movie The Citizen.

As specified, it is a land of 20,841 square meters, of which 4,474 correspond to the house. It has 7 bedrooms, 24 bathrooms and a huge dining room of 90 square meters. It houses a cinema room for 20 people, a gym of more than 200 square meters, a swimming pool with underwater music and a monumental library. It even has its own Wikipedia page.

You can give him such pleasure despite having donated 20 billion dollars, that made Bill and Melinda Gates the greatest philanthropists of today.

Bill and Melinda Gates Divorce

Because the Gateses co-manage the world’s largest foundation, a driving force behind the Global Fund, the GAVI vaccine alliance and the quest to end polio, malaria and other diseases, the state of their disunity is a matter of international importance. Especially as the pair sit in the middle of a two-year window to decide their collaborative future. If either refuses to continue with the status quo, Bill Gates will fund their philanthropic activities separately.

However, according to Bill Gates, so far so good. “I think all the evidence I see says that we will be able to run the foundation together forever.”

“The good news is that even during the difficult times of the divorce, which have fortunately been over a year now, we were able to work constructively on the foundation. It’s always amazed me how much Melinda and I agree on foundation stuff. And we have some things that she knows better than I do and we just support each other.”

Bill and Melinda Gates were officially divorced in early August 2021after 3 months of procedure and 27 years of marriage. The agreement included the distribution of 130,000 million dollars. In addition, the maintenance of the Gates surname by Melinda figured.

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Bill Gates pays millions in taxes for the mansion he stayed after his divorce