Bill Gates opens up about his divorce with Melinda Gates: ‘I caused pain’

Bill Gates, the businessman and founder of the technology giant Microsoft, expanded for the first time details about his separation with Melinda Gates. After 27 years of commitment and three children, the couple divorced in 2021 amid unknowns.

The tycoon gave an interview to the American television program ‘Today’, in which he referred to the economic and social crisis caused by covid-19 and also ‘predicted’ a new pandemic.

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However, the presenter Savannah Guthrie wanted to put aside her business visions for a moment to learn details of her personal and family life. “Were you unfaithful in your marriage?” The communicator questioned him.

Gates, whose fortune is $129 billion, changed his expression a bit. “Clearly I made mistakes and I take responsibility. You know last year was tough, but we made it through,” she managed to say with a few stutters at the end.

“I don’t think digging into that is good, but yeah, I caused pain and I feel bad,” he replied. In addition, he emphasized that, thanks to the foundation he has with Melinda, they are still together, but in the workplace and socially.

infidelity rumors

I must be humble. I have no good advice for others

Melinda Gates expressed her sadness over the divorce months ago. “I am grieving the loss of something that I thought I would have for a lifetime,” The woman commented in a past chat with the ‘CBS’ network.

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Over there Melinda said that her ex-husband was the one who should rule on the accusations of infidelity, affairs with Microsoft workers and alleged links to pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

“Those are questions that Bill must answer,” he said at the time. Now, with this appearance of the businessman, it seems that there are already lights on the controversial break.
“I made mistakes and I accept them,” Gates repeated in the interview with ‘Today’. For this reason, he said that after the difficult moments he had learned many things.

“There are areas in which I am an expert, but in these types of subjects, I am not. I must be humble. I have no good advice for others, ”she stressed.

Melinda and Bill Gates

The couple was married for 27 years.


Fabrice Confrini / AFP

What did he say about Jeffrey Epstein?

Epstein, the tycoon and pedophile who died in prison, is known in the United States for connecting elite personalities with teenagers and children who suffered sexual abuse. It is said that Gates and the deceased met several times as friends, a relationship with which Melinda was not happy.

However, Gates clarified that his links were for other issues: “I made a big mistake, not only did I meet him in the first place, but I met him (Epstein) several times. He had the goal of raising money for world health. I didn’t realize that by meeting him I was downplaying the horrible things he did.”

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Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein

Bill Gates was in the middle of a scandal for meeting with Jeffrey Epstein


AFP / Private file

Of course, he accepted that he should have followed Melinda’s advice from the beginning to get away from Epstein and not be involved in questionable events.

Finally, he was hopeful about the path he is building with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to fight against poverty and global inequality.. “I feel lucky to work with her,” he said.

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Bill Gates opens up about his divorce with Melinda Gates: ‘I caused pain’