Bill Gates’ new occupation since retiring from technology

In 2006, businessman Bill Gates announced his withdrawal, which would become final in 2008. Although it continues as Microsoft Honorary Chairman, he has spent all his time on his other passion. The Microsoft co-founder will have passed through the positions of chairman of the board of directors, executive director and chief software architect; said tasks would be ceded in the year 2000 to his partner Steve Ballmer.

His retirement, although it could be said that it was soon, did not prevent him from positioning himself as the third richest man in the world.


Through its Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Microsoft co-founder practice the philanthropyto which he devotes almost all his time and attention.

In his blog he explained about the donations and investments What do you do about matters of health in United States, climate change and alzheimer. He intends to get out of that list that places him as one of the richest men in the world, through the direct donation to his foundation -which he directs together with his ex-wife-.

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In addition, he participated together with the Roger Federer tennis player in it Match for Africa 4; a charity tennis match what fate your funds to the Roger Federer Foundation of Tennis in Africa. Gates and the tennis player competed against John Isner and Pearl Jam guitarist McCready. An event that was repeated in 2018 –in the Match for Africa 5– in a match where they came back to win.

another one of his elders concerns and at the same time, occupations, is the veganism and promote it. she started a research on the possibility of creating vegan eggs to ensure a future without meat. He PayPal founder Peter Thiel reportedly collaborated with the funds to support that research. Nails meat flavored seeds and some artificial eggs were his initiatives.

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Bill Gates’ new occupation since retiring from technology