Bill Gates morning rituals to be successful, creative and end stress

Gates says getting enough sleep is essential for boosting creativity, but also concentration and the ability to make better decisions.

Don’t skip exercise

According to reports, Gates begins his day working out, which is usually an hour running or walking on the treadmill. This is important because, according to a 2019 study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, exercising in the morning helps improve cognition and concentration throughout the day.

In addition, this helps to work in the discipline, which can translate into higher productivity in other areas.

Time to read and learn

After exercise, Gates reserve an hour for get informed and learn somethingor, reading books and newspapers to keep up with world news and events. Gates has said that books allow you to see things differently and find different solutions to problems, while staying informed helps you know how to act and what changes to make to keep your business relevant.

The 5 minute method

For Gates, the day begins with making plans, it is said that he divides the tasks that he must do in periods of 5 minutes (Elon Musk it does too), allowing you to organize your work more efficiently, find the things that have the highest priority, and better manage your time.

They do not necessarily have to be 5 minute periods, but it is important to have a calendar and a plan, this so that you know what tasks you must complete in the day and how to organize them so that everything does not accumulate at the same time.

And the nightly ritual to end stress

After working all day, Bill Gates He sets aside time for everyday tasks, such as doing the dishes or doing a little cleaning, which he takes as opportunities to practice a little mindfulness and reduce your stress levels, which promotes calm and creativity.

A study of the Florida State University in 2015 found that practicing mindfulness techniques while washing dishes can decrease stress. Plus, Gates won’t go to sleep without reading a bit, which has also been proven to be a good way to de-stress.

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Bill Gates morning rituals to be successful, creative and end stress