Bill Gates: Meetings will move from Zoom and Teams to Metaverse

Bill Gates has reflected in the post with which he closes 2021 on his personal blog about what he has defined as his “Most unusual and difficult year”, but he has also taken the opportunity to look towards 2022 and beyond without lack of optimism, including everything related to “A more digitized future”. In this sense, a prediction has advanced about the future of work and how it will change with the rise of Metaverso, the virtual world that technology companies such as Meta (the old one Facebook) Y Microsoft, where users can work, play and socialize.

The co-founder of Microsoft has influenced how the pandemic has already “revolutionized” the way we work, with more companies than ever offering flexibility to your employees who prefer to carry out their work remotely. These changes, in his opinion, “They will only intensify in the coming years” and the telecommuting it will only drive more people to enter the Metaverso.

Bill Gates foresees that in the next two or three years “Most virtual meetings are moved from 2D Zoom or Microsoft Teams images to the Metaverse, a 3D space where digital avatars can hold those professional meetings in a virtual office space or in another place that reproduces the feeling of being in a real place to interact with other avatars”. The only but is that users will have to wear helmets or goggles virtual reality to be able to enjoy the experience.

In fact it has confirmed that Microsoft is already working on adding 3D avatars and other “metaverse-friendly” elements to its Teams software., which might even have a direct path to Metaverse now that Microsoft has partnered with Mark Zuckerberg and Meta to make your social network for companies Workplace sea compatible con Teams.

Gates has recognized that it will take time and will on the part of users and businesses before his vision of a virtual workplace in the Metaverse becomes a reality.

First of all, technology companies like Meta, and even gaming platforms like Roblox y Minecraft, Microsoft, are still developing the virtual worlds that will make up Metaverse. Gates has also admitted that in order to “properly capture expressions, body language, and voice quality,” people will need to use expensive tech gadgets like virtual reality headsets and even motion capture gloves.

“There is still a lot to do, but it won’t be long before Metaverse make remote work feel a little less remote“In the words of Bill Gates. “We are approaching a threshold where technology it really starts to reproduce the experience of being together in the office. “

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In his post, the philanthropist, climate activist and defender of public health has not only expressed his enthusiasm for how an increasingly digital future will affect the way we work, learn and even go to the doctor; It has also touched on other topics such as progress in facing the pandemic, the fight against climate change, her concerns about growing political polarization in the United States, and even her own divorce, which has taken place in 2021.

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Bill Gates: Meetings will move from Zoom and Teams to Metaverse