Bill Gates, McDonald’s or the Catholic Church: Who has more land in the world?

So much Bill Gates, like McDonald’s or the Catholic Church itself They own a large amount of land in the world. And it is that, when it comes to investing in assets, these three heavyweights They do not hesitate to buy land as one of the most profitable investment alternatives. Although we have this background, we will delve into the one with the most properties in the world.

By profiling each one, Bill Gates has had to invest in large spaces to carry out various businesses, including Microsoft. In parallel, it has also invested in land for his ‘Bill and Melinda Gates’ foundation.

McDonald’sfor his part, It is one of the most famous fast food chains in the world. for its innumerable branches on the globe. While the Catholic Church, with its thousands of faithful and parishioners around the world, It has a considerable number of temples, colleges, universitiesmonasteries, convents, retirement homes, etc.

The US landowner and ‘fast food’

In the breakdown of figures, Bill Gates is a “landlord”. And it is that is the U.S. resident with the “greatest amount of farmland”. It is estimated that the billionaire and philanthropist has 109,265 hectares throughout the USaccording to Land Report.

McDonald’s is the quintessential fast food company. After almost 70 years of existence, the American chain has not stopped growing. currently account with more than 39,000 restaurantsin more than 100 countries around the world (in the United States there are 14,000 stores, according to Statista data), which gives an estimate of 20,234 hectares of land.

The most “landlord in the world”

The last of the three heavyweights is the Catholic Church. We leave this investment giant last, because of the superlative of its figures. And it is that the most numerous Christian institution, with more than more than 1,360 million faithful in the world and with an origin that dates back to the year 33 with Jesus Christ and his teachings, it leaves Gates and the Ronald McDonald chain far behind.

It is estimated that the organization chaired by Pope Francis amasses the amount of 71,629,358 hectares of land around the world, according to data from One More Hectarewhich vastly exceeds the sum that McDonald’s and Bill Gates himself can have.

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Bill Gates, McDonald’s or the Catholic Church: Who has more land in the world?