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The founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, already known for its enormous wealth and predictions about him future, some of which he has been correct on different occasions, he spoke again about what he has in store for the world in the next few years.

In his web page Gates Notes published an article on December 7, 2021 titled ‘Reasons for optimism after a difficult year’. There he addresses issues such as the probable date on which the pandemic and advances of technology and health.

  1. The end of the pandemic

Gates’ vision for the end of the pandemic is optimistic. In his opinion, the most acute phase of this disease will have its end in some month of 2022.

“It may be silly to make another prediction, but I think the acute phase of the pandemic it will come to an end sometime in 2022, ″ says Gates, who also spoke about the new Omicron variant.

“There is no doubt that the Omicron variant is worrisome (…). But this is what we do know: the world is better prepared to tackle potentially bad variants than at any other point in the pandemic so far. “

2. Virtual reality encounters

The digitization He is here to stay, says the American businessman, and his “progress will continue to improve over time.” Gates predicts that for the next two to three years people will be able to get together from virtual way with avatars (virtual representations of a person), as proposed by the one in metaverso de Mark Zuckerberg.

“Within the next two to three years, I predict that most virtual meetings will move from 2D camera image grids (…) to the metaverse, a 3d space with digital avatars. So much Facebook What Microsoft They recently revealed their visions for this, which gave most people their first glimpse of what it will look like. ”

“The idea is that you will eventually use your avatar to meet people in a virtual space that replicates the sensation to be in a royal room with them ”, explains the 66-year-old man.

3. Medical diagnoses from home

Digitization will have its implications on the medical areaconsiders Gates. The computer scientist foresees that in the near future medical appointments virtual machines will have a greater presence and even the possibility that the doctor can attend a patient from home, without the need to go to a consulting room with the help of devices technological.

“These are all real possibilities in the future and I am curious to see how they transform healthcare. (…) There is a lot of potential for technology to create more flexibility and options for people ”.

4. Alzheimer’s tests using blood draws

Gates estimates that the early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s will be one of the greatest advances in this field.

“Another area to pay attention to in 2022 is the diagnosis of Alzheimer. Much progress has been made in this area lately, and there is a good chance that the first affordable and accessible blood test for Alzheimer’s will be approved next year. Although it will not yet be a game changer for patients with the disease – which currently has no cure, not even a way to slow it down – this test will accelerate progress in the search for a breakthrough in treatment, “he wrote on his website .

5. The year of the new normal

Regarding the year to return to the new normal, Gates estimates that it will be the 2022 albeit with changes in lifestyle.

“I believe that 2022 will be a year in which many of us finally settle into a new post-pandemic normal. (…) The world has adapted to great alterations before and we will do it again ”.

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Bill Gates makes five predictions about the near future of the world – The Trade