Bill Gates launches another doomsday prediction that may be “irreversible” if we arrive too late

Gates has many successful predictions behind him

Once again, Bill Gates has issued a dangerous sentence

If there is a reliable “futurologist” listened to by the whole world, it is Bill Gates. The founder of Microsoft has been trying to figure out the ins and outs of AI for some time and has even ventured to say what jobs will be lost to AI. But this time he has issued a ruling on a subject that interests him even more: the future of the planet and climate change.

It should be remembered that Bill Gates is not Nostradamus. His predictions are just that, predictions and not guesses. In many cases it is usually wrong, but the vast majority of the time it has data supporting some of their positions and through them he tries to think about how things could be in the future. This does not make him infallible, but thanks to his knowledge of the market and science, he can start thinking about what the near future will be like.

This has allowed him to get ahead in many things, such as in predicting the arrival of a global pandemic or even on the date that we would finish beating her. In both he was right and it was there that the vision of Gates as someone with a very clear vision of the future began to take shape.

The new and dire prediction of Bill Gates

The climate crisis is something that obsesses Bill Gates. Although he always tries combine it with technology, the truth is that it is the subject that is always at the center of their predictions. After all, the reputation of him as philanthropist was largely forged by carrying out actions in favor of the fight against the climate crisis.

In accordance with The chroniclerBill Gates has issued a very clear warning: we have until the year 2050 to eliminate 51,000 million tons of greenhouse gasesif we do not do it, the process will be irreversible and a good part of the world will become totally uninhabitable. These tons are those that are emitted annually, so it’s a gigantic amount that is transforming our planet in unexpected ways.

Gates does not speak not knowingbut it has been supported by data from the NOAA observatory in the State of Hawaii, in the United States. There, levels of carbon dioxide have been recorded much higher than normal in the atmosphere. The concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere is 50% higher than it was before the irruption of the Industrial Revolution.

That is why Bill Gates has established as point of no return the year 2050. It is enough frightening since this is going to increase the temperatures in the hemispheres and they are going to make impossible for livestock and agriculture to prosper in large areas of the planet, which could be the beginning of the end for our species and for life on the planet. To which should be added a migratory process even more marked which could generate even more tensions in which the different countries of the world end up facing each other for this reason.

In short:

  • Gates believes that most of the planet could be made uninhabitable by the effects of CO2.
  • Emissions have increased the amount of CO2 in our atmosphere by up to 50%.
  • Bill Gates has marked a point of no return in the year 2050.

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Bill Gates launches another doomsday prediction that may be “irreversible” if we arrive too late