Bill Gates launches a prediction about veganism: “It would be great, but…”

The well-known billionaire Bill Gatesco-founder of Microsofteach year carries out a forecast of what awaits the world in a future not so far

In their popular sessions of ‘Ask me Anything’ (‘Ask me what you want’) made on the ‘Ask Me’ platform, users ask questions about different global affairs to know the impressions of the American businessman. In his last session, the philanthropist has placed special emphasis on the issues related to the climate change and the veganism.

Lack of awareness

There are many individuals who consider that remove of the diet home products animal can help reduce the emissions that accelerate and feed climate change.

The Magnate He is one of them, and he has let it be seen that way: “It would be cool That adopt, but I don’t think the majority did& rdquor ;. Bill Gates believes that the population is not sufficiently aware and ready to take the plunge Leave a feeding practically meat and instead, to bet by a diet in which products of origin predominate vegetable. In addition, he very much doubts that the main reason for a person to decide to become vegan is protect the planet.

only way

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The businessman also wanted to highlight the effort that certain Business they do in their day to day to be more respectful with the nature: “There are companies that manufacture beef in new ways, that they work with animals but reducing methane emissions & rdquor ;.

On the other hand, he has insisted that the sustainable products they must be equal to economic that the contaminants: “The key of the weather is to make the clean products be so cheap like the products contaminants in all areas of emission: airplanes, meat… This is the only way in which we can ask all the countries of the world to change. If it costs much more, we will not be successful.”

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Bill Gates launches a prediction about veganism: “It would be great, but…”