Bill Gates’ latest prediction has already come true and the outlook is beginning to scare

AI becomes a fundamental ally of large companies.

Bill Gates’ latest prediction has quickly come true

Bill Gates is usually quite consistently right in his predictions. It is true that many of them do not have much risk, such as the one that spoke about the jobs that will disappear because of AI and that certainly seemed quite similar to the study carried out by OpenAI. In fact, I really Bill Gates are not predictions as such, has quite decent reports on current affairs and based on that, he extrapolates his opinions. Although it is true that sometimes he is quite thin, like when predicted the arrival of COVID-19 and also the date on which it could be controlled.

Faced with this situation, Bill Gates recently launched a prediction with which he was quite clear: soon all companies will begin to “revolve” around artificial intelligence. The survival of these will depend in fact on the ability they have to adapt to AI

No sooner said than done. Practically before he enunciated his theory, it has been fully endorsed by the actions of the companies, being the first outside the technology sector the banks.

Banks ally with AI and confirm Bill Gates’ prediction

As explained from Chroniclerthe most important banks in the world are allying with AI technology to dominate her and take her to her land. In this way, large companies are joining this campaign.

JP Morgan would be working on a GPT client known as IndexGPT that could start advising its clients very soon. In fact, it is expected that in three years it will be fully operational. The goal of this is advise people when investing in the stock market, so it’s a really interesting question. But it is not the only one, but more and more American and Western banks are betting on this technology, as is the case of Goldman Sachs, which is working on another chatbot of the same kind. For their part, at Morgan Stanley they have given the approach a spin and it will be the employees who are going to take advantage of these technologies to be advised.

This presents a panorama that generates some fear. Especially if we take into account that it is a technology incredibly expensive, which will mean that only the most powerful ones can solvently access the AI ​​and have an advantage against those that do not. In this way, the monopoly formation it could just be a matter of time.

Obviously not only banks are taking these types of alternatives based on artificial intelligence. The vast majority of technology companies are embracing artificial intelligence to take advantage of it. Paradoxically, other companies are prohibiting its use within the company, while they offer these solutions.

It is very interesting since Apple itself has restricted ChatGPT to ensure that it is not misused in the workplace. The reasons are obvious. After all, there are many doubts about whether the operation of ChatGPT is being really effective Today or on the contrary, it does not have sufficient capacity to provide truthful information.

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Bill Gates’ latest prediction has already come true and the outlook is beginning to scare