Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and the creator of Alibaba invest in Uruguay

Bill Gates contributed 30 million dollars for the construction of sustainable houses to the company Vantem, located in the United States, to encourage a global expansion that includes a new plant for the subsidiary in Uruguay.

Breakthrough Energy’s investment is a fund created to combat climate change and in which they also participate Jeff BezosJack Ma, Richard Branson and Kleiner Perkins. Argentina and Brazil could be on the fund’s radar for other investments.

What is Bill Gates’ sustainable housing project like?

The system of these Modular housing is more efficient, since it requires less energy consumption, in addition to having a low cost (between 850 and 1,250 dollars per square meter).

Vantem uses a SIP (structural insulation panel) construction system based on two cement plates with thermal insulation in between. Each piece is between 3 and 4 square meters. Precisely, these Vantem panels are four times more efficient in terms of energy consumption.

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The construction system is dry and industrialized, with thermal insulation panels that generate a high-performance solution in terms of energy, as well as being faster for the structure and masonry. For its manufacture, Vantem does not use drinking water and no polluting waste is generated.

But also, as most of the production is done inside the factory -assembling the house with furniture and paint- and then it is moved to the final place, this reduces the impact of the carbon footprint by 75%, depending on the company. And the costs of the same drop between 25 and 30%.

A standard 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom model home takes 30 days to build, not counting field installation. They can build between 15 and 20 houses per month: by 2024 they plan to produce 50 houses per month.

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Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and the creator of Alibaba invest in Uruguay