Bill Gates’ incredible strategy that led him to success: live without music or TV for 5 years

Although in the beginning he was completely immersed in the world of software and avoided distractions like music and television, Gates also recognized that you don’t have to give up entertainment entirely to be successful.

Bill Gates, the most renowned businessman and philanthropist, has already shared with everyone great thoughts on how his approach and strategies have evolved over the years.

Although in his early days, during the creation of Microsoft, he opted for an extreme approach, moving away from distractions like music and television to focus on the development of softwarerecognized in 2018 that you don’t have to completely give up entertainment to achieve success and productivity.

It is true that Gates emphasized on his blog that Reducing the time spent on social networks and television can be a good starting point to increase efficiency and concentration. According to educator and entrepreneur Zdravko Cvijetic, impulsive Internet use and excessive television viewing are behaviors that negatively affect society in general.

They explain that unless your goals are directly dependent on them, it’s essential to minimize or even eliminate that dependency and instead invest time in activities that are truly enriching for you.

However, Gates clarifies that it is not necessary to completely deprive yourself of entertainment. Even he, who was CEO of Microsoft until 2000 and dedicated his time to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, found moments to enjoy television series like Narcos and enjoy the music of U2, Willie Nelson and The Beatles.

Finding a balance between entertainment and work productivity

He acknowledges in that same blog that his entertainment “blackout” period lasted about 5 years, but he also learned to balance his life and find space for personal enjoyment.

To all this is added a great sport that he was practicing continuously: meditation. This allowed Gates to take some control of his thoughts and emotions, allowing him a greater ability to relax and remain calm in the midst of somewhat hectic moments.

Throughout his career and experience, Bill Gates has always emphasized the importance of adapting productivity and focus strategies as circumstances and responsibilities in personal and professional life change.

Although in his early years he had quite intense and radical ideas about his life, learned to take things with some perspective, enjoy leisure and why not, waste time and find techniques that allow you to stay focused and relaxed. His wisdom and example continue to inspire many today to find their own balance.

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Bill Gates’ incredible strategy that led him to success: live without music or TV for 5 years