Bill Gates has just renewed his phone for a very peculiar one. And he’s not the Microsoft foldable

Bill Gates has stopped by Reddit to answer questions in a LOVES (Ask Me Anything) in which he has gotten wet on the phone he uses. The folding ones seem to be his weakness and has been using them for over a year. But not. does not use the Microsoft Surface Duoas some might expect from what was the most visible face of Microsoft.

Gates likes folding, but only from one brand

Gates used for some time now, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. This is Samsung’s flagship device for the past year, and the most mature foldable until the launch of the later model. This same year it has renewed the model, following the logical evolution.

The model you have jumped to is the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, a model that has been achieved in an unusual way. It is a mobile that he obtained in South Korea at the hands of JY Lee, the president of Samsung. “I have a Samsung Fold 4 that was given to me by JY Lee by the president of Samsung when I saw him in South Korea to update my Fold 3.”

Gates also says that “he uses Outlook and a lot of Microsoft programs”, so the size of the screen is essential for him. Here it is interesting to note that Samsung and Microsoft have software collaborationSo higher-end devices often come with key Microsoft apps pre-installed on One UI.

Curious, to say the least, Bill Gates’ commitment to the Samsung foldable, something that does not speak very much in favor of Microsoft’s own foldable, the Surface Duo. Samsung has been polishing its format for almost 4 years, with the Fold 1. Microsoft’s folding is a different bet, in which we practically have two screens separated by a hinge. A less refined concept that allows less integration with the software, by having two separate panels instead of one large and one small.

Formatting doesn’t seem to have worked too well: Microsoft has canceled the project and, except for surprise, we will not see more folding Surfaces. An unconvincing concept and little ambition in marketing and sales seem to have been two of the triggers for this decision.

And Gates does not appear to be alone. Samsung is betting everything on foldingthe numbers do they work, and almost 9 out of 10 foldables sold in the world are his. Both the Fold and the Flip they are starting to skyrocket their sales and foldables are closer to being democratized as a consumer product.

The doubts about durability They are one of the main points of shock when it comes to getting one, although even more influences its price. Despite the fact that manufacturers like Samsung are managing to contain inflation and even lower the final bill, almost 2,000 euros for a Fold is not a realistic price for the average pocket of a Spaniard. The future outlook is that little by little they become more affordable deviceswith a clear example in the Z Flip 4, a high-end foldable that is cheaper than most premium terminals on the market.

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Bill Gates has just renewed his phone for a very peculiar one. And he’s not the Microsoft foldable