Bill Gates has a new worst enemy: he goes all out against this “threat against humanity”

Bill Gates recently shared what is the main killer of humans on earth. According to the tycoon, it is not natural disasters, road accidents or diseases, but the greatest threat to people today. are the mosquitoes.

It happens that the founder of microsoft has its focus for several years now on the diseases that affect the planetto the point that it is one of the main investors and promoters of epidemic prevention mechanisms worldwide.

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With this in mind, now it seems to have set itself the goal of eradicating one of the deadliest living beings for humans today. “Mosquitoes and the diseases they carry kill more people in one day than sharks kill in 100 years.“, assured the founder of Microsoft.

The biggest threat according to Bill Gates: how he seeks to solve it

As Gates shared, The most efficient way that exists so far to combat this threat is the manufacture of genetically modified mosquitoes so that they do not transmit diseases.

The project itself focuses on the breeding and release of these bugs infected with the bacteria wolbachia, which makes it impossible for them to continue being transmitters of diseases such as dengue, Zika or yellow fever, among others.

I’ve written about these amazing Wolbachia mosquitoes before, including last year when a new study showed how effective they could be at preventing disease.Gates explained in a post he made on his blog.

“The randomized controlled trial conducted in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, found that Wolbachia-carrying mosquitoes reduced the number of dengue cases in the city by 77% and dengue hospitalizations by 86%the tycoon pointed out.

The greatest threat according to Bill Gates: what is his prediction

And while this scientific breakthrough is seen by Gates as a great achievement, the reality is that according to the tycoon we were lucky during the last pandemic due to the relatively low mortality caused by the coronavirus.

I must say that, considering that in total there were 20 million victims of this pandemic worldwide and one million in the US, we were lucky that the mortality rate per case was 0.2%“, assured Gates during the TIME 100 Summit in New York City.

If the virus had killed the 5% of those infectedthen the situation would be extremely different for the founder of Microsoft: “Could have spelled the end of society“.

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Bill Gates has a new worst enemy: he goes all out against this “threat against humanity”