Bill Gates gives his keys to prevent the next pandemic in his new book

“It is not necessary that we go through the same thing again”, this is one of the reflections that the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, has written in his new book “How to avoid the next pandemic“, a work where he outlines the steps that the planet must take to prevent another global health disaster like the one caused by covid-19.

Published by Plaza y Janés, this new book (on sale today) is a reflection aloud in which Gates exposes how, although the world has reacted to this disease more quickly and effectively than any other in history , “has not taken seriously the work of preparing to avoid future pandemics“.

Of course, for the American, the good news is that if a series of recommendations are followed the world will not have to relive such a dramatic episode. Guidelines describing thanks to the research work that the Gates Foundation has carried out during the pandemic of the covid-19 after an investment of more than two billion dollars in vaccine research and treatments for this disease.

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“I think covid-19 may be the last pandemic. I know it’s hard to believe when we are still trying to control it. During the last two years the whole world has faced a lot of difficulties and it is not easy to feel optimistic about the misery that so many people have experienced,” Gates says in the book.

Yes, qualifies to seeing “suffering” created by this pandemic, every time you read the last balance of dead or listen to someone who has lost their job or “walked past a closed school,” you can’t help but think, “We don’t have to go through this again.”

Likewise, in this new book he lays the foundations so that governments, scientists, companies and citizens create a system that ends the threat of another pandemic. And for this, each chapter points out one of the steps that must be taken to be prepared.

In this sense, Gates proposed book some of the points of his pandemic prevention plan: that the governments of the whole world get to work in the creation of a group of experts at the global level that is in charge of helping the world to prevent pandemics and that it has a sufficient annual budget financed by the rich countries, of about a thousand millions of dollars.

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He also proposes “do not underestimate the treatments” Because, as the founder of Microsoft explains, it is no coincidence that many tools used against covid-19 “sink their roots in global health.”

In this sense, Gates points out that behind every step in the fight against this disease there is a toolequipment or system that exists solely because “the world has invested in improving the health of the poor”.

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Bill Gates gives his keys to prevent the next pandemic in his new book