Bill Gates explains the three keys to avoiding a new pandemic

During the launch of his new book titled ‘How to prevent the next pandemic’, the billionaire founder of microsoft Bill Gates gave his three main keys to prevent a pandemic from happening again.

The launch was made through a video on its portal ‘Gates Notes’. In it, he sets out his recommendations so as not to suffer a situation similar to the health crisis caused by the new coronavirus, highlighting the importance of early detection, health and innovation.

All of the above taking into account, as pointed out by the fourth richest man in the world, according to ‘Forbes’ magazine, that in the last two years there are many lessons that this situation has left in humanity.

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We don’t have to do this againGates says.

The 66-year-old American has continuously commented on the covid-19 pandemic and has generated multiple reactions in the economic and health sectors.

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The philanthropist also maintains that health is paramount, especially in underdeveloped countries, since the complexity of access to health and resources led to the appearance in Africa of the Omicron variant.

At the same time, it highlights that with sufficient innovation, early detection can be achieved, with which humanity will always be one step ahead. “No matter what country it shows up in, we can apply resources and understand what’s happening very quickly,” he said.

“The progress we’ve made in the last two years, including the great strides we’ve made with vaccines and the knowledge we’ve gained about respiratory diseases, has already set us on the path to success,” he added.

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The businessman and Melinda Ann French, his ex-wife, chair the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, a nonprofit organization that advocates to combat poverty, inequality and disease.

The foundation will invest $150 million in the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI). It is worth mentioning that this entity is a public-private alliance that aims to develop vaccines that would prevent future epidemics.

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Bill Gates explains the three keys to avoiding a new pandemic