Bill Gates enters the competition and bets on artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become one of the technology products and developments that has been on the rise since the end of 2022 and before this, the competition to create the best alternative for users has grown and has presented several exponents.

Now, the ‘startup’ Inflection AI, focused on the development of personalized Artificial Intelligence (AI), responsible for the development of the personal AI Pi, capable of providing knowledge based on the unique interests and needs of users, It has received the support of personalities from the world of technology such as Bill Gates, Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google, and Nvidia to create the largest AI cluster in the world.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates reacts during a visit to Britain’s Prime Minister Rishi Sunak of Imperial College University, in London, Britain, February 15, 2023. Justin Tallis//Pool via REUTERS/File Photo – Photo: REUTERS

Inflection AI is an AI studio that was founded in 2022 by Mustafa Suleyman, Karén Simonyan, and LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman with the goal of making AI “available to everyone in the world.” In fact, is a company set up as a Public Benefit Corporation.

In this sense, the ‘startup’ is dedicated to developing its main product, launched last May, Pi. As the company details, Pi (which refers to personal intelligence for its acronym in English) has the objective of “providing people with a new way to express themselves, share their curiosities, explore new ideas and experience reliable personal AI” .

Specific, It is a ‘chatbot’ type AI that uses an internally developed artificial intelligence model. Thus, as the main characteristic that differentiates it from other AI, this technology is capable of providing knowledge based on the unique interests and needs of users.

As the company explains, Pi is designed to be “a friendly and supportive companion” capable of text and voice conversations, providing “friendly advice and concise information in a natural, flowing style.”

Additionally, users can interact with the Pi on various platforms. That is, it is not necessary to use your own application, but you can also have a conversation with Pi through platforms such as WhatsApp, SMS, direct messages from Instagram or Facebook Messenger.

Artificial intelligence is empowering other technologies.
Artificial intelligence is empowering other technologies. – Photo: Getty Images

Likewise, Pi is free and can also be used from the web or from its mobile applicationalthough, for the moment, this is only available for iPhone or iPad.

Within this framework, Inflection AI has caught the attention of influential personalities in the technology sector, who have collaborated on the project by investing in their personalized AI product Pi.

Specifically, in a new round of financing, Inflection has had investments from Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates; the former CEO of Google, Eric Shmidt; from Reid Hoffman himself; from the new investor Nvidia and Microsoftas the company has shared in a statement on its website.

With these new investments, Inflection has reported that it has obtained 1,300 million dollars (about 1,200 million euros), which brings its collection to a total of 1,525 million dollars (about 1,400 million euros). In this sense, with this collection, the company has detailed that it will work to continue developing its personalized AI to “build and design” the first product of the ‘startup’ launched last May, Pi.

Likewise, Inflection has stressed that, with these investments, it will also continue with the construction of the “world’s largest” AI cluster in the hands of Nvidia and CoreWeave. Currently this cluster agglomerates 22,000 NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs and develops 22 exaFLOPS in 16-bit precision mode, and it is thanks to this that the company has developed one of the “most sophisticated” large language models.

An Internet user checks ChatGPT on his mobile phone
ChatGPT is so far the most successful chatbot. – Photo: Future Publishing via Getty Image

The company estimates that if its cluster were included in the TOP500 list of supercomputers, “it would be second and close to the main entry, despite being optimized for AI applications, rather than scientific ones.”

“This is really a turning point. We are excited to collaborate with NVIDIA, Microsoft, and CoreWeave, as well as Eric, Bill and many others to bring this vision to life.”the executive director of Inflection AI, Mustafa Suleyman, has sentenced in this regard.

For his part, Microsoft’s CTO and Executive Vice President of AI, Kevin Scott, has pointed out the “pride” involved in supporting Inflection AI for its “vision of more reliable and personal AI experiences.” He has also added that it is “an exciting time” and that companies like Inflection AI “are pioneers in the industry with transformative products that are accessible, easy to use and show the many possibilities of AI.”

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Bill Gates enters the competition and bets on artificial intelligence