Bill Gates does not use the Microsoft mobile: his favorite is a very unusual one

When it comes to choosing mobile, billionaires are not that different from us. While they don’t need to worry about price, they do have to make a choice: Android or iOS. This is the case of Bill Gates, who despite being a co-founder of Microsoft, has not opted for the Surface Duo 2and has instead gone for the competition.

In a recent question and answer session at the subreddit r/IAmA, Bill Gates took the opportunity to answer the most recurring doubts of users in relation to his person. Since your opinion regarding the metaverse, web3 and ChatGPT, to simpler ones such as what is your current mobile. Well then, It was here that he revealed that his daily device is nothing more and nothing less than a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4.

But, how could it be otherwise, Gates has not had to pay a penny for the mobile of almost 2,000 euros. It was Lee Jay-Yong himself, president of Samsung, who gave him the mobile after meeting in South Korea, at which point Bill Gates put aside his old Z Fold 3. Apparently, the Microsoft co-founder is a fan of Samsung’s Fold line.

Of course, Bill Gates makes it very clear that usually use Microsoft’s own applications in their day to day. Among them, Outlook. As he comments, the screen size offered by the Galaxy Z Fold 4 means “not using a tablet but only my mobile and my laptop, a computer with Windows.”

Bill Gates was already flirting with phones from other brands before switching to his Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

Bill Gates
Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft

The founder of Microsoft has already used phones from other companies on previous occasions. In fact, according to some rumors that ran in 2021, The executive had an iPhone 5s that year, a very old Apple modeland with which he sought to compare the Android and iOS systems.

Along with Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates is one of the few billionaires who bet on Android phones. The first uses a Samsung mobile currently, after the failure of Amazon’s Fire Phone. Meanwhile, the second is already going for a new round of Samsung mobiles.

others like Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg have been seen using iPhone mobiles in your day to day. Musk, for his part, has repeatedly recognized the benefits of Apple’s integrated systems. Meanwhile, the founder of Facebook has been photographed on more than one occasion carrying iPhone mobiles in his hands.

As with Gates, it is quite likely that it was Tim Cook himself. whoever offered it as a gift of the company

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Bill Gates does not use the Microsoft mobile: his favorite is a very unusual one