Bill Gates becomes America’s laughing stock for his car

Despite being one of the richest people in the world and being able to buy the car he wants, Bill Gates chose to drive a humble model that could humiliate him on the streets of the United States. Slide and find out more about the millionaire’s vehicle!

Of course Bill Gates is among the richest people in the world, specifically, he ranks fourth. Most of his fortune is due to creation of the company microsoft and the operating system for computers, Windows. That is why your heritage has a staggering value of 109.1 billion dollars.

Much of his money was donated to charitable causes or scientific research, or shared among his 3 children. However, the employer also invests in its collection of cars, where the models of the German company Porsche predominate. Unlike other millionaires, his garage doesn’t stand out for its exotic Lamborghini or Bugatti vehicles like we’d expect.

The American drives simpler cars and prefers to go unnoticed in his daily life. One of them is your precious ford focusa simple model that does not give you any clue of who drives it is the creator of Microsoft. It is strange and even funny that a person who earns approximately 4 billion dollars a year drives a car for no more than 15 thousand dollars.

The Ford Focus has a 2.0L 4-cylinder engine which provides a power of 130 hp. Also, run up to a speed of 250km/h and mark a time 5.4 seconds to reach acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h. Have 5-speed manual transmission in series and is positioned as the least expensive car of the businessman.

Although it could be humiliating to drive a model of this style being a millionaire, the Focus accompanied him for several years on his journey to the Microsoft offices, and it occupies a very valuable place emotionally within Gates’ garage.

Bill Gates in his Ford Focus at the Microsoft offices.

+ The interior of Bill Gates’ Ford Focus

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Bill Gates becomes America’s laughing stock for his car