Bill Gates assures that he has become a fan of video games and this is the reason

The founder of Microsoft claims to have never been too much of a gamer

Bill Gates has been retired from Microsoft for years

Bill Gates, apart from the founder of the company and president of Microsoft when the first Xbox hit the stores and, despite never being too much of a gamer, starred in some of the brand’s most iconic moments, such as when he first introduced Xbox alongside The Rock. Now, more than 20 years later, the tycoon assures that has become a video game fan againbut not exactly for playing.

The reason should be found in a book, a book about video games. Is about Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrowby Gabrielle Zevin, a story of friendship, brotherly love and passion for video games. Thanks to this book, Gates says, he has reflected a lot on the future of the video game industry and its latest achievements in terms of equality.

Literature and videogames hand in hand once again

“I never thought I would identify with a book about video games,” Gates said in his personal blog“But I loved it Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and TomorrowBesides, the ex-director of Microsoft also had the opportunity to talk a little about his relationship with video games, that It’s never been about “spending hundreds of hours” learning the ins and outs of a video game, although yes he enjoyed in his day of games like Tetris and how were the beginnings of Microsoft in this complicated industry.

Gates ends by reflecting on how this book, and video games as a whole, are an excellent metaphor for human connection. In Zevin’s words: This means “allowing yourself to play with another person is not a small risk. It means allowing yourself to be open, to be exposed, to be hurt. To play requires trust and love“.

Since the days of Bill Gates and Xbox, the Microsoft brand has had its ups and downs, but for a few years now it seems totally ready to keep competing in the industry at the highest level. This same Sunday it celebrates the Xbox Gsames Showcase, where it will show its news in games for the coming months and years.

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Bill Gates assures that he has become a fan of video games and this is the reason