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We are about to release the 2022 hopeful that it is the year in which the pandemic and we can finally regain the normality of our lives. In this sense, and as happened the previous year, many have paid attention to one of the most prominent faces of this global health crisis: Bill Gates.

The philanthropist’s name made the headlines at the start of the pandemic for having preceded such a situation five years ago. Months later, he also guessed the first vaccine to be approved and when, as well as the trajectory of the pandemic in the months to come.

Now Bill Gates has returned to share his reflection on the situation of the coronavirus, coinciding with the predictions of the epidemiologists what do you see in the variant Omicron the end of the pandemic. He has done so in an article published on his blog and entitled «Reasons for optimism after a difficult year«.

In it, Gates predicted that 2022 will be the year of the end of the pandemic. Nowadays and after fighting against the virus and its strains for almost two years, we are in «a much better position to create up-to-date vaccines if needed«.

It is not the virus that worries Bill Gates for 2022

The pandemic is not what the Microsoft founder is currently concerned about. The predictions predict a near end for it. Now, this has taken its toll on all countries, and not only because of the number of lives lost, but because it has created an atmosphere of tension towards many governments.

This loss of confidence of the population in their leaders, either due to misinformation regarding COVID or because of the social networks that fuel this tension, is the issue that really worries the businessman. «If people don’t trust you, they won’t support any major initiative«He expressed on his blog.

How to solve this? Bill Gates assures that he does not have the keys to face this situation. We will have to wait to see what effects the pandemic leaves in the different countries once the situation is under control.

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Bill Gates announces his biggest concern for 2022 – Cadena Dial