Bill Gates announces a new global threat: what is it about?

Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, and who has been very attentive to the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic in the world, has spoken again and warned that an upcoming threat could endanger the existence of the human race.

That is why the American tycoon invited the governments of the world to invest in security against possible biological attacks carried out by terrorists.

“What if a bioterrorist brought smallpox to ten airports? Do you know how the world would respond to that? There are naturally caused epidemics and epidemics caused by bioterrorism, that could even be much worse than what we currently experience”, said Bill Gates in conversation with Policy Exchange.

Gates also called for the creation of a pandemic control task force led by the World Health Organization (WHO), with the aim of preventing massive diseases that end up affecting millions of people in the world again.

“The good thing is that a lot of the research and development that we need to do to be prepared for the next pandemic is things like making vaccines cheap, having big factories, eradicating the flu, getting rid of the common cold, make vaccines just a little patch… things that will be incredibly beneficial even in years when we don’t have pandemicsGates added.

Bill Gates reveals six keys to be happy in life

In a recent question and answer session on the Reddit website, Microsoft founder Bill Gates responded to a user who asked if he was happy.

The tycoon said: “Yes! When he was in his 30s, he didn’t think 60-year-olds were very smart or had much fun. Now I’ve had a counter revelation. Ask me in 20 years and I’ll tell you how smart an 80-year-old is.”

He also assured that children are part of happiness and said: “Some recently said that when your children are doing well, it really is very special, And as a parent, I completely agree. Sometimes keeping commitments to yourself, like getting more exercise, also improves your happiness.”

In the same way, the founder of Microsoft revealed some recommendations to be happy, noting in the first place that you have to forget about the self of the past and think about the self of the future, and spend 15 minutes to think about what life will be like for each one in 20 years and what the future self will think of the current self.

Another recommendation of Gates is to fulfill the assigned commitments so as not to think about “what would have happened?” nor failing oneself, because if it matters not to look bad to others, you should care twice as much not to feel bad for yourself. He also recommended asking yourself, “Am I doing what I wantWhat matters most?

The other suggestion is to be generous, because when you give you always receive a little more than what you offer. In addition, generosity generates satisfaction and well-being.

The fourth tip is to take care of the mind and body. It does not mean eliminating all vices, but it does mean taking care of oneself and knowing that the body is a temple, therefore, he also recommended physical activity, as it has important benefits for the health of the heart, body and mind.

The fifth recommendation is to spend time with the family, Because it should always come first, and no matter how successful you are, set aside time for work, home, play, and other activities.

Finally, he suggested sleeping well, since rest is a very important part of health and what the experts recommend is getting seven to eight hours of sleep a night. In addition, lack of sleep can negatively affect mood and temperament, as well as the ability to concentrate on daily tasks.

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Bill Gates announces a new global threat: what is it about?