Bill Gates and Melinda’s love story that ended in divorce

Bill Gates count with one fortuna of 129.6 billion Dollars, little less than Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, and ranks as the fifth richest person in the world, according to the ranking of billionaires in real time of Forbes.

In 1987 Melinda French had just graduated from Duke University in North Carolina, newly hired for the position of product manager for Microsoft, the company of which Bill Gates It was him founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The boss Gates He asked his employee out and she said no.

The reason for the initial rejection, as she recounted much later, had to do with the fact that the appointment proposal was for two weeks later, something that seemed very little spontaneous.

“Ask me again when there is less time for that date,” he said. Melinda a Bill. But that same afternoon, perhaps surprised by her response, the person in charge of Microsoft He called her on the phone and asked her out that night. “Does this seem spontaneous to you?” From that moment on they never parted. They were 27 years of love that the couple put an end to last May with a joint statement, published on their Twitter accounts. In the note they announced their emotional breakup, but also their desire to continue together in the philanthropic tasks they develop.

In the 2019 Netflix documentary series Inside the Brain of Bill, Gates reveals that he and Melinda the magic words were said about a year after they were dating. “To our surprise, certainly to my surprise, I said ‘Hey, I love you’; she said she loved me too and then came the ‘what are we going to do now?’ We knew we would have to take the next step or finish,” he said. .

Even though i loved Melinda, Gates he didn’t know if he could commit to her. “He had to make a decision, he didn’t know if he could commit to me and lead Microsoft at the same time “unveiled Melinda in the documentary. One day, she came into the room and found Bill making a list. “It was the pros and cons of getting marriage“he counted.

Before, Bill kept a romance with Ann Wimblad, a successful businesswoman. They met in 1984 and like other techies, they discovered each other in a video conference and their first meetings were virtual. They separated three years later because Wimblad, five years older than BillShe wanted to marry and have children but her boyfriend did not feel prepared for such responsibility.

The courtship between Gates and Melinda French lasted seven years. They tried to get their romance was discreet and for that they asked their colleagues to respect their privacy. Her mother didn’t like her daughter dating a CEO, but she Melinda She was fascinated by the curious spirit and sense of humor of Bill.

Rich tastes

They were married in 1994 at the Manele Bay Hotel in Hawaii. A million was spent Dollars to maintain the privacy of the ceremony and for this Gates He booked all the rooms. its fortuna and power were already beginning to take off.

A year before their wedding, on a trip to Africa, they saw extreme poverty up close. That was the beginning of the Foundation Bill and Melinda Gates, the organization that will survive its marriage that they created in 2000 and that provides funds for various projects that have to do with improving people’s lives. “It is not fair that we have so much wealth when other billions have so little,” he explained. Melinda more than once, when talking about the meaning of his Foundation. Together they formed an unstoppable force as philanthropists. To give just one example, in one of their last charitable actions they donated 250 million Dollars to combat the covid-19.

Family dynamics

In the past, Melinda, who is now 56 years old, has talked about how difficult the relationship has been with a man like Bill, 65. To do this, she described a daily episode: “One day I was in a hurry putting things away in the car and helping my children, when suddenly I realized that Bill It wasn’t helping me because I was so busy reading a book on Winston Churchill. You don’t know how angry I felt that day. “As her husband was little in the house, they decided to share at least one moment a day and so they decided to wash the dishes together after dinner, something that became a tradition.

In addition, they turned off the telephones at ten o’clock at night and, to preserve some privacy for their children, they enrolled them in school with their mother’s surname. The couple had three children: Jennifer, 25; Rory, 21 years old and Phoebe, 18 years old, who by wish of their parents will not receive their inheritance. Another gesture of the Gates to benefit those most in need and for his family to carve out its own future.


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Bill Gates and Melinda’s love story that ended in divorce